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The Gang
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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Saturday morning with the Heavens pouring down rain didn't dampen the spirits of the fourteen hardy souls who arrived at the Lundbreck Hall rarin' try something new in dog activities.
Half the participants headed off to Shadowbar Shepherds to track and half stayed at the hall to
do some freestyle dance using rally O moves and Treibball. Everyone was excited to try the courses and all the dogs did well.
When the trackers came back for lunch (thank you Moira for the sausage dish) the freestyle group put on a small performance using some of the moves they had practiced that morning. Then Judge Cheryl Stuber gave a very informative talk on structure and movement and helped us understand what to look for in movement and how that will affect the dog's ability to perform the duties for which it was bred.
In the afternoon, half the class went on to the Draft Dog workshop and the other half tried some simple search techniques.
The rain gave itself a rest from time to time which allowed the groups to get out and work.
Darryl had the barbecue hot and had made spuds and salads to accompany the meat.
We enjoyed a wonderful meal and spent time with old friends and made some new ones.
Thank you to everyone who worked to make this day of dog activities so successful.
You can bet we will follow it up in the near future.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sad news

Jackie Clemens' sheltie, Rosey, passed away quietly at home at the age of 15 years. Up until very lately, Rose was a very spry 15 and other than being somewhat slower than the rest of the gang, she was her usual self, just a bit older. When I first met Rosey, she was over a year old and was pretty weird looking. Her pretty red merle coat was very sparce and dry and brittle. She was obviously in need of a better diet and proper care. How lucky she was to meet Jackie Clemens, who rescued her and couldn't wait to phone me and tell me that this dog would be fabulous in agility. "Absolutely fearless," said Jackie. "Why, she is the first dog I've ever seen that could go from standing on the floor to standing on the stove in one straight-up leap." I wasn't sure that was a good thing, but it must have been because Rosey went on to stack up title after title in obedience and agility, and, like Jackie's other shelties, she learned two languages. Rose was my favorite. I think it was because she had such a rough start; she was the Cinderella dog. I will remember her for that.
Those of you who know Jackie might like to send her a message. She enjoys hearing from her Canadian friends.

I have this feeling there's one more star up in the sky tonight,
And even though it's far away, its brightness and warmth will still reach
us here to make the night a little less dark. That'll be Rosey.

The Prez

Medicine Hat Results

Congratulations to everyone who finished titles or added points to their performance and conformation standings at the Medicine Hat Canine Association Dog Show on the weekend. Please send in results so we can post the boasts.

So far, we understand that Sharlet and Ryder have attained their RAE-IV title under judge Michael Calhoun.
Mary Ellen and Tess, first time in the Rally Novice A ring went High in Class with a 99 score! Wow. And Tina Hastings and her Sheltie first time in Rally Novice A also, received High in Class with 99 on Sunday under judge Judith Snowdon.

We would like to congratulate the small but 'mighty' MHCA membership for running a well-organized show.
They were amazing.

Long weekend coming up..... enjoy.
The Prez

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Luck

Good luck to all of you who have entered the Medicine Hat Dog Show. Have fun and don't forget to send us the results and any humorous occurrences that were unplanned. You know, things you will never forget such as Swayze last year draping himself on my shoulders after doing a smokin' recall and such a straight front. UUUUhhhhh! But he didn't knock me over.

Also, thanks to Nancy, Barb, Shirley, Deb, Shar, LouAnn, Lore, and Tubby for volunteering to do the square dance and drill routines for the seniors at The View in Lethbridge on June 11th at 2:oo p.m.. And to Amanda for doing the contact work for us.

Safe trip to you all.
The Prez

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News from Tubby

A wonderful time for Tubby Miller, who travelled to Michigan with his grand daughter, Ciera, and his two Newfoundland dogs, Cagney and Lexi. Here's Tubby's report of the week.

"Hi, on the Tues. it was a regional, Cagney's 1st time in the ring , tied for 1st with Robin , my student. We both scored 195. We won the runoff.
Ciara had Lexi in Veteran Obed. and won it with 196.
On Wed. Lexi got her C.G.C. title.
I hurried back to the building and found that Cagney was next in. They told me I called her Lexi till the recall, and she was a little confused, but still earned 187.
Later in the afternoon, Lexi got 3rd in R.E. with 97.
It was agreat trip! I spent the week with my grand daughter and had a good time with old friends."

Super proud of both you and Ciera and the dogs!!!
The Prez

Monday, May 9, 2011

News from Nancy

Nancy and Dick are home from the south and have news to share with us. Celebrate!!
Nancy's wonderful rally dog, her papillon, Brie, had 2 boys Apr 17th while we were away in Chattanooga TN at the
Papillon Club Of America Specialty. Esther Hall whelped the litter for us
(doggie friends are so wonderful!)

We just took Celine (Brie's daughter) and did an Award Of
Merit (449 Paps entered) and the weekend before, we were entered in Perry
Georgia and she took BOS and Select to the # 1 Papillon in America (66 Paps
entered). That night at an awards celebration, we received a Sire Of Merit certificate for "Barney" who is her
Daddy... very special day. I knew he was close to Sire of Merit but it the
award was a surprise!!

We are happy to have Nancy and Dick back home and hope to see them and the new pups sometime later this summer. Congratulations on a wonderful season's showing in BOTH rings. Nice to have smart dogs that are also beautiful.

On another note, please make sure that you have notified us of your registration for Dogaramma coming up May 28th.
We are trying to get a fix on the number for the barbecue. Those wishing to see the poster can do so on canuckdogs events.... seminars pgs. Looks to be great fun.

The Prez

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tracking seminar???

Let me know if you are interested in having Donna Brinkworth "Spiritdance" come to the Lundbreck area this
summer /fall to do a tracking seminar with us? I need 8 people to make this work. We will not conflict with any
Alberta Dog Shows.


Tracking seminar

Shar, Deb and I had the opportunity to attend a tracking seminar with Donna Brinkworth of Penhold. What a great weekend! We met some very enthusiastic trackers from the schutzhund club and learned a whole lot about footstep tracking. Our dogs are not used to something that precise so I decided early on that it wasn't the method of choice for Token, who already knows the game. I will stick to the food drop and article method for her as I am comfortable with this method and it lends itself better to what we do with our Karelians, who have to switch back and forth from tracking to air scenting (trailing) to get their job done quickly and efficiently.
But for precision, you can't beat footstep tracking and it is the 'only' method if you are going to go into schutzhund competition. I can also see where it would help a dog in the urban tracking role. RoZe got right into it as will any 'foody' dog. I learned the method years ago with Carolyn Herle and threw it into my bag of tricks and never took it out for my own dogs again.... until now. I will train two dogs in urban tracking, one with each method, and we'll see what happens.
Again, if you get to take a seminar from Donna, do it.
And we are definitely going to have her come to this end of the province to do more with SAWHDA.

Obedience and rally rules have been put away for :
Deb, Shar, Maureen, Janine, Sylvia, Louanne, Amanda, and Mary Ellen.
Tracking rules have been put aside for Louanne & Deb.

See you soon.