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The Gang
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HUGE Congratulations to Sylvia and Julie and Jenn and Abby and Spencer on their wins at the APDT Rally competition at Sit Happens!  Calgary.  Lots of loot, eh???

"Hi, Judi,
We had a great weekend in Calgary at the APDT Trial, Julie finished her Level 3 title with a 2nd place.  She also received high in trial on her 2nd level 3 run and a high in trial on her 4th Level 3 run.  I entered Julie in 12 runs and she Q’d in 11.   I am so please with her, all the work is finally paying off.  I will email Jenn and tell her to send you her results.  As you can see from the picture Jenn, Abby and Spencer also had an amazing weekend.  See you soon."

No club day on Saturday, November 3rd.  

We resume club days on November 10th at the Cowley Hall
with Rally O and Obedience competition run-throughs beginning with Novice Obedience and Excellent Rally O at  9:00 a.m. sharp. 
This will be our last practice run before the Lethbridge Dog Show.

Scent hurdle practice afterwards. 

***Those with new dogs or dogs new to obedience and rally may practice from noon until 1:00 p.m.***

Drop in for members is $5.00, non-members $10.00....  See you there. 

Good luck to all of you heading to Red Deer for the dog show this weekend. 
Remember to post your wins as email to us so we can brag on your behalf. 

The Prez

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Battle River Results

Hi, everyone,

 Just to let you know, Maureen and Levi got another leg towards their RAE with 86 in excellent Rally and 87 in Advanced.  Good job.
 And in conformation, Zsuree, Joan's pretty Belgian girl, got a 2 pt. major and now needs 4 more points for her championship. "Drummie" is happy about this.  Joan and Dani completed their Rally Novice Title with a score of 98/100.  
And Maureen worked her butt off and managed to get 61 dogs through in four hours.  
Pumpkin spiced latte to celebrate while they get ready to hit the road.
And we lift a glass of amber ale in a toast to success.

For those of us at home, Sarah, Amanda, Jolene, Shar, Barb, and Renee were at the "Hall" for dog club early to practice our Open obedience and Rally Novice, Advanced and Excellent courses.  Man, that excellent course was too cool.  The Prez thinks she'll keep that for the 'real' thing.

All dogs did very well as did the young lesson dogs who showed up with their owners to practice their street obedience with Corgi, Sibe, Dane and two All Canadian dogs.  Great to see such dedication. 

No Dog Club next weekend as we have too many members away at seminars and dog shows.  

Oh, good luck to Jenn and Sylvia this weekend as they head for the Sit Happens! APDT rally trials.  We hope you clean up on the ribbons, girls.

Can't wait to see everyone at the Suzanne Clothier seminar next weekend.  Fingers crossed in hopes that we will find much to add to
our 'tool boxes' on dealing with aggressive and reactive dogs.

The Prez 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seminar Cancelled

Wow !! Seventeen people turned out for our second SAWHDA Club Day at the Cowley Hall.
It seems that having two rings going at one time is a good thing because we finish both competition
Rally from Novice to Excellent and also Novice and Open obedience run-throughs before noon, which allows others to practice various exercises with dogs that are not doing competitions just yet. We played with scent hurdle dogs and were very much surprised at the results.

We have the hall rented again this Saturday starting at 9:00 a.m. with Open Obedience and Novice Rally O.  Hope to see you all there.

On a sadder note, we have had to cancel our Deb Girvin 
Obedience seminar on November 24th.  Confusion with the dates.  But no worries.  We will attempt to rebook in the new year!  Entries will be returned immediately.  The Prez apologizes.

Good luck to those going to Camrose this weekend.  May the roads smarten up for you. 

The Prez 
                                                  Poem From Mojo....on Snow

                 Snow is no fun when you have long hair!
                 It balls up on your feet, your face and elsewhere.
                 It's worse when the shiba and sheltie are there.
                 They run me right over and don't even care.
                 I'm back in the house where I'm happy to be.
                 There's Darryl and Judi and the cats and ME!
                              The way it should be!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great Start to Fall Training

A good turnout to our first Hall Club Day for obedience and rally o.  Liz and Judy with their flatcoats,
Jenn with Spencer and Abby, Sylvia and Julie, Barb and Lanny, Shar and Ryder/Mesa, Lore with her
cardigan corgis, Heather and John with their Summer and Delys, Deb with Beckett bean, and Judi with 
Drummer and Castle. 

Great to see everyone again. The young dogs have really grown up over the summer and it's nice to
see everyone get back into the swing of things as though we truly haven't been away.

We have decided to try to book the hall for the 13th and the 20th of October as the 
'tentative' client hadn't confirmed the hall Friday.  So I will email Cindy and let her know that
WE want it.  

Again, we'll do obedience from 9:00 to 10:30 and Rally O until noon.  
We will offer an hour of 'other stuff' ..... is that technical enough for ya???? 
Treibball has come up as something of interest and we just happen to have
a 15 minute video of how to begin.

Scent hurdle practice will be another something of interest if our teams from the south
are going to race in Lethbridge in November. 

So, until next week, Happy Heeling, and Happy Thanksgiving as well!!
Much turkey to you..... or not.  

The Prez 

Friday, October 5, 2012

SAWHDA Fall Hall meet Satuday

Hi, Everyone,
Just a reminder that our first SAWHDA meet at the Cowley Hall begins October 6 at 9:30 .
Add some canine fun to your Thanksgiving weekend by joining us Saturday for some obedience and rally obedience practice.

Our next practice will be October 27th.

Best wishes to Marilyn Lee who is in the Pincher Creek hospital.  We hope you escape soon.

Get out there and do some Fall tracking or Draft dog work before the snow falls, and send us some Fall pics of the dogs.

Safe trip to Nancy and Dick as they head off to South Africa !

The Prez.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brags and Big News in Seminars

Brag time.... Tubby's Newfie, Cagney, got her 1st leg in C.D.X. in Great Falls on the labor day week end with a H.I.T. and her 2nd leg in Helena last weekend. One to go!

Check your calendars and mark November 24th as the day to be at the Cowley Hall. 
We invite you to take part in a one day obedience seminar with DEB GIRVIN, dedicated
to readiness in the Novice obedience ring.  Super for those wishing to prepare their team
for the CD title as well as a refresher for those  seasoned competitors who
want to refresh, renew and be able to relax in the ring, knowing that their dogs are really

The cost of the seminar is $25 for 2012 SAWHDA members and $35 for non-members.
Lunch is provided.  The seminar runs from 9:30 to 4:00 p.m. 

Dogs must be crated when not working. 

     Please read Deb's biography below.

Check your calendars and mark November 24th as the day to be at the Cowley Hall. 
We invite you to take part in a one day obedience seminar with DEB GIRVIN, dedicated
to readiness in the Novice obedience ring.  Super for those wishing to prepare their team
for the CD title as well as a refresher for those  seasoned competitors who
want to refresh, renew and be able to relax in the ring, knowing that their dogs are really

The cost of the seminar is $25 for 2012 SAWHDA members and $35 for non-members.
Lunch is provided.

Dogs must be crated when not working. 

                                                       Please read Deb's biography below.

Deb (Girvin) is owned by three golden retrievers, ‘Bailiff’ OTCH CH, RE (Caro), ‘Beamer’ CH CDX and ‘Trip’.  She lives in Cranbrook BC and discovered her love for competition obedience when Bailiff came into her life almost 12 years ago.  She lived in the Cariboo at the time and was fortunate to have two experienced people in the local kennel club that took her under their wing. Her dogs are all owner/trained/handled.  Bailiff was finished in the breed ring and an OTCH by the age of 3.   Bailiff retired one leg short of his OTCHX. 

Although Deb has never had the luxury of having a ‘trainer’, she have been fortunate to have excellent mentors, all of whom have shown their dogs through GMOTCH.  She has also had working spots in numerous seminars:

  • Ian Dunbar – ( participated in an APDT Conference and attended many workshops, including Ian Dunbar’s
  • Brenda Aloff – Dealing with Aggressive Dogs
  • Sandra Ladwig – (from Missouri) – seminar at TNT Kennels Abbotsford
  • Bridget Carlsen (
  • Lorraine Perron – CKC Rally Judge
  • Marie Sawford – CKC Rally Judge/Author
  • Donna Brinkworth – Urban Tracking (
  • Shannon Sheer (handling)
  • Janice Gunn Deb is fortunate to hold a working spot in Janice’s annual obedience camp in Abbotsford.  Beamer and she were also chosen for a segment in Janice’s most recent DVD - “Problem Solving”)
  • She has  also had private lessons with Janice Gunn, Cathy Stoner and Ward Falkner

  We are so happy to be able to offer this seminar!!!

Email for the outline for the day.