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The Gang
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter fun

17 people and more dogs attended Saturday's Easter practice at the Cowley Hall. We did scent hurdle, slalom, barrels, and three challenging Rally courses. We had puppies to play with, too, as Joan brought her two young Belgian pups along with her. Tubby showed up with Cagney, his new dog, and did some obedience with her. Lexi did rally. Tubby and de Newfs are headed to Michigan this week for the Nationals. We all wish him luck.
After our hall work, Lore, Rick, Shar, Deb, Moira, Darryl and I headed to Russell and Marilyn's for a potluck supper that was amazing! Turkey, ham, scalloped potatoes, three salads, turnips,
dressing, and refreshing beverages. We planned our next visits to Vista Village......tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. would you believe?????
Today was a Vista Village therapy dog visitation day and the residents were happy to see the dogs and to share with us what they did over the Easter Weekend. It is always fun.
Worked on posters for the Dogaramma on May 28th weekend. This should offer something for everyone. Now David Spence, the weatherman for Calgary and area, is yapping about snow at the end of the week. Yecht. Let's all get together and do a sundance.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Club Day

A reminder to everyone that we have the Cowley Hall rented for Saturday, April 15th, from 9:30 - 2:00. We will begin with scent hurdle practice ..... new players first to practice discriminaton skills and dumbbell work. Then a team run or two. Following that we will work on obedience beginning with Novice exercises, then Open and then Utility. We will share the long sits/downs to save time and will do the exercises differently. We will do all the Pre-Novice/ Novice heeling on leash. Next will be Sit/Stand for exam all together. Then circles and fig. 8's. Then recalls. Then off leash heeling. Then the entire utility routine. We will do some rally and some freestyle dance as well. Those with cart dogs are welcome to bring them. Hope to see you there. Judi

Monday, April 4, 2011

Red Deer Dog Show Results for SAWHDA members

Honors are in order to all the members who attended the Red Deer & District Kennel Club Dog show last weekend, braving the icky roads and weather. Sounds from the emails that it was certainly worth it!

Sunday, Maureen's sheltie, Levi, got 3rd place in rally Advanced B with score of 97 and she got 3rd in Excellent B with a score of 87. Not bad for the first time since August that she has gone for a RAE leg!! I think this is her 4th RAE leg of her second RAE (she has her RAE already).

Amanda's cardigan corgi, Wicca, took the Rally ring this weekend with Three High in Classes, a perfect score, a 99, and two 98's. She earned two legs towards her RAE. Pixel, Amanda's younger cardi, picked up the last two legs she needed for her RA with two 98's and two Seconds in the huge Advanced B class.

Sharlet and her GSD, Ryder, picked up three legs towards the RAE-5 title with one HIC score in the Excellent B class. One leg to go!!

Hunter, Judi's GSD, dominated the Rally Novice B ring and earned his RN title with 3 HIC placings and a perfect score!

Darryl's sheltie, Drummer, earned two legs towards his RN title with a 96 and an 85 (Judi's ooops!). He spent Sunday relaxing and taking in the show after a wicked night of scent hurdle ending at 11:00 p.m. Phew.

Donna's Belgian, Epic, gained two legs towards his CD title.

Kim's handsome Bernese Mt. Dog, Bosley, earned his first CDX leg this weekend with a High in Class. And, as a member of the first time out Nononsense scent hurdle team, he and Kim made their Scent Hurdle debut, and after a bit of a rough start, Bosley settled in and had some very nice races.

The Nononsense team of Kort, Pixel, Swift, & Bosley did a super job this weekend. When it worked, it worked perfectly and when it didn't, it for sure didn't. A bit more practice and they will be a terrific team.

Our Due South Team of Wicca, Molly,(our most sr. member at almost 13 yrs. old) Token, Lupine, Ryder,( soon to be 10 years old) Kona, and Drummer( puppy boy brain) racked up some decent runs and good points. Every new member of the team picked up a Scent Hurdle dog Title this weekend!!! Drummer provided the half time entertainment by completely overturning a jump in the other teams' lane and overtaking a serious working Doberman. What a goof! More practice needed, but the little guy had drive and determination.... and a heck of a good time, too. We must add that we were sad that Denise and Jagged were held up by the weather and unable to join us probably sat home and drank wine.... at least we hope that was the case. Why waste a perfectly good case of the weather?

To watch a video of the scent action, compliments of Amanda, (without the entertainment) go to:

In the conformation ring, Judy's flatcoat retriever, Kona, finished her Canadian Championship. She is now Ch. Blazingstar Brown Coneflower RN. It was so much fun to see 3 Lupine daughters and 1 Lupine granddaughter all showing together and all owner handled. Liz's Puffin took the points previous.

Mary Ellen's breeder/owner handled Tessa, GSP, earned a Group 2 placing her first time out as a special!

Walker, Deb's GSD, completed his Championship breeder-handled by Judi and then Sunday, Mary Ellen took him into the ring for his first outing as a special and came home with a Group 2 placing under Marilyn Mincey!

Club dates for April are Saturdays, April 9th, 16th, and 23rd and will begin with Scent hurdle practice at 9:30 a.m. to be followed by obedience novice, open, and utility exercises (not run-through's).
After that we can do some rally and if the parking lot is dry, carting can take place there.
Drill and freestyle exercises can also take place. Hope to see you all there.

We are planning a carting event and an obedience seminar this spring so keep tuned.