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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High in Class

Congratulations to Carol Solkshinitz and Bode, who collected two Qualifying ribbons and a High in Class award in Novice Obedience competition in Camrose! Good job, Carol, especially since Bode has only been working for 8 weeks on his performance.

Mary Ellen Whyte has decided to keep a girl baby from Cheyenne's litter. Tess has already started her puppy attention training and has 'the watch' down pat. She has huge shoes to fill if she wants to walk along with her mom and her Gramma Grace.

Good luck to Russell, Shar, Denise, and Sarah(if she makes it) to Sit Happens! APDT Rally Trials this weekend in Calgary. They intend to have a "howling' good time. We'll scoff some pics for the page.

Happy to report that Hank, Lee and Bess arrived at their daughter Heather's place in Seattle safe and sound and well before our southern Alberta weather started its PMS.

We have CGN spaces reserved by Judi (2) Deb (1) Janet (2) Nancy (1) Shirley (1) Barb (1) Hank and Lee (1) and Bev (1) . We could really use more entries for this event. If you know someone with a very nice dog that behaves in public, please encourage their owner to support SAWHDA in its responsible ownership campaign.

Take care.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Novel Rally Pics

Hey, all,
Carol just sent some fabulous shots of our Novel Rally courses at Cowley last weekend. You will especially enjoy the one of Carol doing the hula hoop and Emily ducking down and thinking of heading to the nearest fallout shelter!!! Thanks so much, Carol.
Check out Simon tugging at Tubby's sleeve!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

'Novel Rally" a great success!

What a super day! Great weather, great dogs, wonderful company, good food, and a venue worth the drive. And I mean, drive, as we had members from Calgary, Claresholm, Lethbridge, and Fort Macleod join us. Our club is known for its off-the-beaten track activities and today was certainly one of those activities. We set up three Rally courses which we felt all dogs and handler could manage, but along the way, we added some extra little activities to add to the mix. Like the hula hoop, which had to be swung three times from any body part (no, not anybody's part) any body part; or the golf ball on a spoon which was held while heeling around a left spiral, or the marching in place while the dog sat beside you, or the 'roll the ball' while the dog remained sitting. A mix of APDT and CKC and SAWHDA antics provided challenges and laughs for all. Shirley had a runaway hula hoop that zipped along the floor right past Krissy, so close it moved her hair! Whew. And Emily, who thought Carol had completely lost her mind when she was swinging the hula hoop. Way out! Tubby's dog Simon, did a bow at the end of his run. Louann's Brazil, did a wonderful sit like a gopher and then slapped a high five for her trick. Token did her bear imitation, Karen's dog did hugs, and everyone's dog had some trick or another to offer.
Memorable moments, too. Maggie, Kim's Berner, had a happy, tailwagging performance, the first in a long time, and we were all so pleased. Joan's Belgian, Beau, was so smooth and upbeat it was a pleasure to watch. Moira and Maggie had a good run, Barb talked Kipper out of worrying about the registers, and Lore kept Bonnie from cruisin' for a bruisin'. Shar and Mary Ellen had really nice runs with Ryder and Grace. Russell had Mojo fired up for his rounds, too.
We took a break after the first course and invited everyone with a dog that needed some socializing to bring the dog in and have it join our conformation and puppy time. As you can see from the photos, we had lots of takers. We raised $325 for the Cowley Hall to offset our heating and electrical bills for the cool weather coming. Our next Rally Fun Match will have funds ear-marked for Pet Expo, which we hope to attend again this year.
Spoke with Jackie Clemens, our Montana member, and she wishes she could have been with us as did Judy Hunt, who had celebrated a birthday with a surprise party. All in all, we were cleaned up by 4:00 p.m. and happy to have had everyone together before the snow flies! Yes, it was a super day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Canine Good Neighbor Test Approved!





THE TIME IS STILL 9:30 - 3:00

Testers: Andrea Knibbs and Bill Nykiel.

Cost: Members or early bird entry $20 /dog.

Non-members or drop-in entry on test day $25/dog

Hosted by Southern Alberta Working Herding Dog Association

Proceeds to Pincher Creek Humane Society SPCA

Registration info:

(Early Bird entries close: Nov. 1/09)

Email entry info (see form below) to

Send entry fee to Box 237, Lundbreck, Alberta T0K 1H0


CKC Canine Good Neighbour Program

Good Dogs Make Good Neighbours...


To identify and reward responsible, caring owners and their canine partners throughout Canada.

To ensure that one of our most favoured companions, the dog, is accepted as a valued member of our communities right across the country. Canine Good Neighbours can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs.


The test is non-competitive and allows dog and handler to demonstrate confidence and control in 12 steps. It assesses the handler and dog's relationship, together with the handler's ability to control the dog. Dogs are evaluated on their ability to perform basic exercises as well as their ability to demonstrate good manners in everyday situations.


The handler is required to bring the following equipment to the test

Proof of vaccination certificate

Dog license or CKC registration #

Test fee

A leash not less than .75 metres (2’) nor longer than 2 meters (6’) in length is required (acceptable collars include a well-fitting slip, buckle or martingale collar, made of fabric, leather or chain. All other types of collars are unacceptable.

A grooming tool – either brush or comb

A plastic bag for picking up after the dog

For the registration form you need :

Owner’s name ______________________

Full address ______________________

Phone number______________________

Email address______________________

Dog’s registered name if registered ______________________

Dog's call name if unregistered __________________________

CKC registration number (if registered) ________________________

Breed ________________________


Demonstrating confidence and control, you and your dog must complete these 12 steps.

TEST I - Accepting A Friendly Stranger This test demonstrates the dog's ability to allow a friendly stranger to approach and speak to the handler in a natural, everyday manner.

The evaluator will walk toward the handler and dog and greet the handler by shaking hands and briefly chatting. The dog should remain under control with only gentle verbal or leash assistance, if necessary. The dog should not go to nor jump on the evaluator. It must not exhibit any signs of shyness by hiding behind the handler or by attempting to avoid the evaluator, and must not exhibit any signs of resentment.

TEST 2 - Politely Accepts Petting 
This test demonstrates the dog's ability to allow a friendly stranger to pet it while out with its handler. The evaluator will pet the dog on the head and shoulders. The dog may sit or stand quietly beside the handler and may change position, but must not exhibit any signs of resentment or shyness.

TEST 3 - Appearance and Grooming This practical test demonstrates that the dog will accept being groomed and examined and will permit a stranger to do so. The evaluator inspects the dog, brushes the dog briefly on the back and sides, and lightly examines its ears and front feet. The evaluator then quietly walks behind the handler and dog, returning to face the dog. The dog does not have to hold position, but should not have to be restrained: minor movement is allowed. The handler may assist the evaluator and talk quietly to the dog.

TEST 4-Out For A Walk This test demonstrates the ability of the dog to walk politely on a loose leash as well as the handler's ability to control the dog. The evaluator will have the handler and dog walk a course, which will include at least one right and left turn and a 180ยบ-degree turn. It is not necessary for the dog to be exactly aligned with the handler or sit when the handler stops. The handler may talk to the dog.

TEST 5 - Walking Through a Crowd This test demonstrates the dog's ability to walk politely beside the handler in pedestrian traffic while remaining under control at all times. The dog and handler walk through and close to several [at least five] people. Throughout this test the handler may talk to the dog, giving praise and encouragement. The dog must maintain a position close to the handler without becoming unduly stressed or unruly. The dog may show some interest in the strangers but should not go to them.

TEST 6 - Sit/Down On Command and Stay In Place ( On a Long Line)
 This test demonstrates the dog's ability to respond to the handler's commands. The handler may take a reasonable amount of time and use more than one command to sit and down the dog. If required, the handler may touch the dog gently to assist it.

Once the dog has responded to both a sit and down command, the handler will decide in which position the dog is going to be left. The handler will then tell the dog to stay, and walk forward 20 ft, before turning around to face the dog, then will return to the dog.

TEST 7 - Come When Called (Long Line)
This test demonstrates the dog's ability to come when called by the handler. The evaluator will stand near the dog, and instruct the handler to position the dog in either a sit, down or stand position. The handler will then leave the dog and go to a distance of 3 meters (8 - 10 ft) before turning and calling the dog. The dog may change position, but must remain in place. The dog should come readily to the handler; the handler may encourage the dog. (Practice so dog is not upset by the lead dragging)

TEST 8 - Praise/Interaction
 This test demonstrates that the dog can be easily calmed following a play session or praise. After playing with the dog for approximately 10 seconds, the handler then calms the dog. More than one command may be used, but the dog must display controlled behaviour when told to settle by the handler. The evaluator is looking for evidence of a good relationship between the dog and handler.

TEST 9 — Reaction to Passing Dog
 This test demonstrates the dog's polite behaviour while in the presence of other dogs and handlers. Two handlers, with their dogs, approach one another from approximately 6 meters (20 ft). They stop, shake hands, briefly chat, and then continue walking for approximately 2 meters (6 ft). The dog should exhibit no more than mild interest in the other dog, and should not cross over to it.

TEST 10 - Reaction To Distractions This test demonstrates that the dog is confident at all times when faced with common visual and auditory distractions such as the sudden opening or closing of a door, crutches, wheelchairs, baby strollers, joggers, etc. The dog may express natural interest and curiosity at the distraction, or may startle temporarily, but should not panic or show aggression or fear. One or two barks are permitted but the dog must not continue to bark at the distraction. The handler may encourage and talk to the dog throughout this test.

TEST 11 - Supervised Isolation
 This test demonstrates the dog's ability to be left alone with a trusted person other than its handler, while maintaining a calm acceptance of the situation. The handler asks another person to hold the dog, and tells the dog to stay or wait. The handler will leave the area and go to a pro-designated location, out of sight of the dog. The handler will wait 3 minutes until called to return by the assistant evaluator. The dog is not required to stay in a particular position, but should not show excessive stress or nervousness by pulling on the lead or trying to get away. Excessive panting, barking, whining, or seeking attention from the evaluator is not acceptable.

TEST 12 - Walking Through A Door/Gate
 This test demonstrates the dog's response to the handler's commands as well as the handler's ability to control the dog in a restricted area while moving ahead of the dog and through a door/gate. The handler may speak quietly to the dog as they approach the door/gate. The handler commands the dog to sit/wait and walks through the door/gate, while instructing the dog to follow calmly and join him. Alternatively, the dog and handler may proceed through the door/gate together, with the dog accompanying the handler on a loose leash. The dog must not go through the door/gate before the handler instructs him to do so.

You and your dog can do it! Come and and give it a try.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snow today

In spite of the snow and slush on the ground and on the roads, Carol and Emily came from Calgary to work. What a great young dog. We trudged through an inch or two of slush in the top pasture and threw her some pretty stiff distractions but she stuck to the plan and stayed with Carol, heeling off leash while the neighbor's cat and two dogs and two kids came over to the fence to watch. Dogs running up and down on the other side of the fence gave her even more reason to make the right choice. Recalls were excellent and Carol enjoyed the idea that Emily was responsible for being in position and paying attention; not Carol. Can't wait until next time. The possibilities with this team are endless. Thank goodness for the heated garage to warm us up.
RoZe has a conehead. She developed a huge hotspot on her left flank and now has Balmex plastered on it and a cone on her head.
She is being very good about the entire mess, except that the cone definitely bothers her ears. Chewing the rawhides has given her deadly farts so she is living in the computer room at present. All the boarding dogs plus Swayze and Shaggy, are warm and dry.
Busch and Token, Mesa and Hunter are dry.The new roof on the old covered kennel has been just great.
Darryl is in the process of putting up a wind break of Plywood in Busch's run seeing as Mesa had a tantrum yesterday and tore the canvas windbreak in half.
Worked Swayze today and he was fabulous after a month off. I am waffling back and forth about entering him in Advanced in Red Deer.
Have set up three lessons for three dogs in herding this month. Happy am I.
Talk later.

Winter on the way? Time to get busy!

Must share a really neat photo sent in by Brenda Bando this week from winter past. Tug looks as though he has been in
'statue' form for hours! Right now it is fitting as it has begun to snow lightly; it's not sticking though. Darryl is outside rebuilding the front of one of our outside dog runs. Mesa had a tantrum yesterday and tore the wonderful white heavy canvas that provides a windbreak for the dog houses completely in two crossways. Jeez. So, today, Darryl is replacing the beautiful white, heavy canvas with PLYWOOD!
Brenda Bando and Cathy Smith Clark passed their first aid instructors' course. Brenda has agreed to come to Cowley and put on a one day seminar for our club. I think it is a topic where we can truly put the information shared to good use.
Our club is going to be busy, busy over the next two months. We have many opportunities to join each other and enjoy our dogs.

October 17th: Rally O seminar Cowley Hall Contact Karen Ibbitson @ 403 335 9449 for entry information.

October 18th: Rally O Fun Day Cowley Hall 9:00 to 3:00 Prizes and goodies!!! $5.00 per dog per class. Dogs must be entered
in their proper classes according to their highest present standing in CKC or APDT Rally. No 'Excellent" dogs in
Novice or Advanced. This is Rally ...... with a bit of a twist to it.

October 31st Sit Happens! APDT Rally three levels of tests.... Our members are going in costume. Entry forms available from Judi.

November 14th Canine Good Neighbor Tests (limit of 25 dogs) Members in good standing and early bird entries (Nov. 1st)
$20 per dog, all others $25 per dog. Check this blog in the next few days for further information on how to register.

November 15-21st Decorating the Cowley Hall for Xmas. Anyone who can make it, please phone Lucille at 403 628 3921 or email Judi .

November 28th : Annual Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade. The theme this year is "Oh, Christmas Tree". Email Judi at or Shar at if you can make it. We will be without a float, but smaller dogs
can certainly ride in the carts. The parade begins at 11:00 and we generally meet at 10:00 at the A&W Restaurant.

November 29th around 6:00 p.m. The Cowley senior citizens Xmas supper. We need four people and three or four different breeds of dogs for Santa Paws Pictures. We have never taken pics for the Cowley seniors and thought it would be a nice touch seeing as we use the Hall for our practices. Contact Shar 403 563 3980 or Deb 403 562 2741 after 9:00 p.m. if you are able to help out.

And, Pet Expo Calgary has approached us once again this year to attend March 27 & 28th. If you would like to take part, please email Judi. Participants are on site from 9 - 6 Saturday and 10 - 5p.m Sunday. Set-up is Friday afternoon. We had a wonderful time last year and our booth and our presentations were very well received. If we decide to go, we shall do our square dances and a couple of drills to music. This means practice. So far, Judi, Shar, Deb, Nancy, Joan, & Carol have said they'd like to attend.

Phew! That's a lot of action. And we need to book our five Sundays for Rally O classes somewhere in there as well. And what about Vista Village and Crestview Lodge picture days. And Brenda's First Aid time.

Oh, & do not forget the Lethbridge Dog Show November 20 - 22nd. They are a small club and can always use our support.
Google canuckdogs and download their premium list and an entry form.

Good luck to Kim Tollefson and Bosley tomorrow in your DD test at Bragg Creek. Dress warmly and wear good warm footwear.
They are probably shovelling a ring for you right now.