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The Gang
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coming Events …...

Coming events……..

          Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade is Saturday!!! Meet at the A & W parking lot.  Our float will be parked in the large lot next to the Sunset Motel.  We would appreciate some help setting up before we move it to our parade site… 100 block and 15th Street.

          We have booked the Cowley Hall on Sunday, December 15, for Christmas K9 games and a get-together.  Hoping you can attend.

          Due South will not  be seent hurdle racing on December 14th, but we have a full contingent for the AKC on Saturday, January 18th.

           The Prez

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Results and pics from Lethbridge

To begin with, we must thank the Lethbridge club for all their hard work in putting together another successful show. A handful of dedicated workers and we appreciate it all!!!

Congratulations to Lore and her dogs, Remi, Daisy-May, and Ginger on the nice work in the performance ring.  

Remi:  finished his Advanced Rally title and his CGN, one leg on his Excellent Rally
Ginger: finished her Advanced Rally title and Her CGN
Daisy-May; Finished her Excellent Rally title with high herding breed

Drover,  another one of the cardigan gang, at the hands of Bryn ( 10 years old) got her CGN and improved at her Pre novice so much between Friday and Sunday it was amazing.  Although she did not pass she went from almost no score to not passing by 2.  for a 10 year old I thought that was pretty amazing.

Fido, co-owned by Gloria Graham, picked up three points in the conformation ring. 

Ginger and Remi 


Congratulations to Sharlet and Justice, her German shepherd puppy handled by Larry Clark to 3 Best of Breed wins,  2 more Puppy Groups, and a Group 4 win in the adult conformation.  Justice sits at 7 points.


Congratulations to Judy Hunt and Kona, flat-coat retriever on a wonderful win!
After three days of competition, Kona not only achieved her CD title but she also won the High Aggregate trophy and gets to keep it for an entire year!  
Kona was also smokin' hot in the Scent Hurdle on Saturday night!


Happy for Judi and Drummer Boy, sheltie owned by Darryl Snowdon. Drummer qualified twice in the Open A obedience ring and picked up High in Class for his efforts.
Drummer was a rock star in the scent hurdle Saturday.  Noisy though.


Castle set the bar for the CGN participants on Friday night giving an absolutely unflappable performance for judges Andrea Knibbs and Bill Nykiel. 
Judi was so proud of him.

Thanks, Sylvia, for helping prepare him for this.
Now he can go visiting to the Seniors' lodges as a canine visitor.

Huge thanks to the Due South Scent Hurdle team of Julie, Betty, Jagged, Max, Drummer, Kona and Sport for a valiant effort on Saturday.
We came in third place!  
Most of the time, the dogs were solid and focused, despite the noise and chaos of the moment.
We will continue to practice over the winter.  The sport really lets the dogs rip after a hard day of dog show competition.  Gotta love it. 

See you all at the Fort Macleod A & W on Saturday, November 30th at 10:00 a.m..
Those riding on the float should bring a blanket or quilt in case the weather is inclement.
Lore says that there will be bales of hay to sit on and music to sing along with. 
Carol, Tubby, Nikki and I will bring cart dogs. 

The Prez

Monday, November 18, 2013

LDKC brag requests and "Judging of the Jump exercises"

First of all, congratulations to everyone who gained points or legs towards their next titles and to those who reached new titles!!!

 What a wonderful show to attend.  The Lethbridge Club members truly go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome at their show.  The set-up for the rings is super, with conformation at one end of the building and obedience at the other.  YUM is all I can say about the concession.  Wow!!! Good food.

Please send all your brags to me asap and pics if you have them so I can post them on line.

The Prez  

Also, as a CKC Rally O judge, I would like to share the following with our club members in regards to judging the jump exercises in Advanced and Excellent Rally O.

“8.10   Scoring (all classes):
Non-qualifying (NQ) scores shall be given for:
  •      bar knocked off the uprights of jump
  •      using a jump as an aid in going over a jump
  •      failure of dog to go over jump in the proper direction
No retry will be permitted for any error that results in a non-qualifying score

Appendix B
  #34 - Send Over Jump, Handler Passes ByWhile moving with the dog in heel position, the handler directs the dog to take the jump, as the handler passes by the jump without stopping.  
When the dog has competed the jump in the proper direction, it is called to heel position and the team continues to the next exercise."
For example, if the dog attempts to go around the jump but is blocked by the handler stopping to make it jump, or if the handler has to stop and coach the dog to jump, or if the dog merely goes around the jump to follow the handler, or the dog goes under the bar jump, a "Non-qualifying (NQ)" score should be given, not an "Incorrectly performed (IP)" 10 point deduction.

I hope this clarifies any discrepancies you may have found in judging previous to knowing this.

The Pres

Friday, November 8, 2013

Poodles rule.

Say, gang,  we need to congratulate Laura and Max on being the number one rally obedience dog in Alberta and number one miniature poodle in rally in Canada.  Ev's standard poodle, Ashton, is right behind them.  Here are the Rally O standings provided by Laura...

According to Max is currently the #1 Rally dog in Alberta, and the # 1 Min Poodle in Canada!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Congratulations to Judy Hunt!  Maisy is now a Canadian Champion.  Whoooo hoooo.  And to Laura Scherle and her wonderdog, Max,  nice to see him stacking up those double Q's in Rally Obedience…. RAE IV!!!!!  Way to be…

 Hope to see everyone on Sunday, November 10th at the Cowley Hall.  

We start with Obedience at 9:30 and break for scent hurdle practice at 10:30.

Then on to Rally Obedience and an opportunity to get help with any CGN exercise
you might wish to do.

Everyone welcome…. $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

Note:  We are taking 2014 memberships now.

The Prez