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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another title

Congratulations to Jodi Moodie of Calgary and her German shepherd, Shadowbar's Slow Hand (MO).
Larry Clark handled Mo to his Canadian Championship at the Cranbrook Dog Show yesterday.
We are absolutely thrilled. That makes three out of a litter of five now finished their Can. Ch. and one with
points towards the same.
  What a wonderful tribute to Busch and Token.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brags and Best wishes

Amanda's young corgi, Pixel, earned her AGX title this past weekend at the WAC CKC trial. What a girl!!! And actually, Amanda thought Wicca hadn't qualified at all but she, in fact, was incorrect. 
(We are never wrong, but can be incorrect from time to time). Wicca did get a couple of Q's, too.

The Go Dog Go team is at Whoop Up Days all weekend doing demos so anyone going to Lethbridge should really take in their shows.

Good luck to those of you headed to Cranbrook for their six show weekend.  

Best wishes to Hank and Lee Hargreaves who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this Sunday.

Monday night we are practicing relay sprints, double barrels, and some rally.  We start at 6:30.

Wednesdays are set aside for those club members who have dogs that already know how to track.
We offer tracks from 7:00 - dark.  $10 a dog.

September 17, 24th and Oct. 1st are the dates set out for the Introduction to Tracking Course.
Three Saturdays in a row.  $100 to join.  Limit of six teams.  Contact
for more info.

Thursdays, those who want a change of venue are invited to come out to the Twin Butte Hall.
Drop in fee of $5.00 for a night of obedience.

Lots to do......more to come.

The Prez 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Agility Results and fun stuff

News from Judy Hunt and the Flatcoats!!!  They have had two busy agility weekends.

Last weekend at the Go Dog Go trial Roxy finished her Starters Games title and got a Q in Advanced Gamblers. She also finished her Advanced Snooker and Jumpers titles and moves to Masters in those.

Kona got a Q in Starters Snooker.

This weekend we were at a WAC CKC trial in Carseland area. What a beautiful venue!
Roxy Q’d in Excellent Standard and Excellent JWW
Kona Q’d in Novice Standard and Novice JWW

Congratulations to everyone who attended the trials and did well.  Please send results so
we can share them with the rest of the club. 

A reminder to our Due South scent hurdle team members.  Please check the Scent Hurdle Racing Dates and let us know if you intend to attend so we can compile numbers and see how many dogs will be there.  All we need are four dogs and handlers, a box loader (who acts as the captain) the box and dumbbells (which can be picked up beforehand) and a commitment well in advance so we can get our entries in.  So far, I think we have a team for Red Deer and Lethbridge. 
 Are enough members going to Camrose??? Do you want to enter???  Are entries closed???
Check it all out and let me know before the end of September so you don't miss playing.

We had a blast this morning at Vista Village with 10 dogs in attendance to do relay sprints and barrels.  Last night at practice Hobie and Drummer were actually almost perfect in performing the 'double barrels' but we'll keep that for another time, so that the other dogs get in some work on the event.  We had Shirley and Krissy, Barb and Kipper, Lore and Daisy (and some corgi pups for petting) MaryEllen with Cheyenne and Grace, Lorie with Hobie, Sharlet with Ryder and Mesa, and Judi with Token and Drummer. We took some pics after the performance and will post them on the web when we get them from Shar.  

I am in the process of booking the Cowley Hall for the Fall/Winter and should have a schedule out before the end of the month.  Rally O,  obedience, drill team work, and scent hurdle will be our main focus with special days set aside for draft dog work and Treiball.

In the meantime, Shadowbar Shepherds will be offering and introduction to Tracking 
beginning Saturday, September 17 and running September 24th and October 1st. If you know anyone who might enjoy learning the 'game' please let them know so they can email us privately.

Club tracking for members who already have dogs tracking will take place on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - ???.  The cost will be $10.00 a dog.  Teams must sign up all three Wednesdays : October 5th, 12th and 19th so we know how many dogs will attend. 

Starting September 19th, Monday evenings will be set aside for training for club events like relays, barrels, double barrels, and drill work. 

Also, we would like to do our square dance and relays for Fort Macleod Seniors on October 15th or 29th if we can get eight dancers together.  I have four committed right now for either date. I'd like to book the date with the Seniors' event organizer by the end of the month.  If you can go, let me know. 

Enjoy the heat.....

The Prez 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Castlegar results

What a weekend!! Ups and downs galore!!! Let's open with The conformation ring. Shadowbar's Slow Hand, AKA MO,owned by Jodi Moodie of Calgary, sailed away with 6 points this weekend with Larry Clark at the helm, ending his weekend with nine points!! Kris-T's the King and I (Brenner) went Best of Breed and Group 1 owner handled by Jeff Popoff. It was exciting to say the least.

In the performance events, Sharlet and Ryder ended the weekend with three High in Class Awards in the Excellent class, three seconds and a third in Advanced and completed their
RA-V title.

Judi and Drummer took two High in Class awards in Advanced and Hunter tied Drummers High Score of 98 but took second in time. Hunter ended the weekend with two seconds and a third place award and a new RA title!

We did trips to the river in between shows and even the fluffy sheltie went in to cool off. The air conditioned motel and refreshments made for perfect evenings as well. The weather was in the 30 degree range the entire weekend.

Buying the trolley at AKC was a wonderful move as it made everything so easy to transport.

We must comment on the wonderful show committee at this show. It is a limited entry and a first class venue. our dogs were in the shade for the entire day. the rings were all visible from the set up. The concession had REAL food!! The best Caesar salads. Boston Pizza, eat your heart out! $6.00! Wonderful sandwiches and juicy burgers, and ice-cream!!

A barbecue and band on Saturday night, too! We were saddened by the fact that there were very few vendors on site. Seems that limited shows mean limited sales as well. Maybe next year.

A reminder that we need members to be at Vista Village at ten in the morning on Tuesday to help us unload and set up for some canine capers. Please take the time to brighten a resident's day.

The Prez

Monday, August 15, 2011

Amanda and the pack

Amanda Labadie
What a great weekend! Pixel was a superstar- 7/8 Q's this weekend. She earned her MAD, and her Advanced Games title. (Finally out of advanced gamblers!!!) Wicca tried hard to be good but there was a little naughty. She Q'd 4/8- earning her Bronze Snooker title! And Vito got his first Q!!!! He ran a jumpers course clean, and speedy. I am exhausted and not sure how I will work tomorrow. But totally worth it. :)
Congratulations, Amanda, from everyone at SAWHDA.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Claresholm Parade

Southern Alberta Working/Herding Group members invite other groups to join us for the Claresholm Fair Days Parade on Saturday, August 13th.  Registration is at 10:00 and takes place in the field across from the Fire Hall on Highway 520.
Carts, wagons, and walkers are all welcome to attend! Email Judi at shadowbr@telusplanet. net if you would like to join us.
 The theme of the parade is Cultural Diversity.  Our motto is, "In this club, everyone plays".

Also, Go Dog, Go! is holding their agility trials this weekend. Good luck to those of you who are entered and for those who would like to see agility in motion, Coalhurst is the place to be this weekend.

The Prez

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hank Hargreaves acclaimed author!

Congratulations, Hank!  Most of us know Hank Hargreaves as Lee's husband, Hank.

This isn't a bad thing, but it's nice to be able to recognize this gentleman's work as 
an acclaimed author.  North by 2000+ will be available in early 2012. 
Read more about this author below.

H.A. Hargreaves Work to be Published by Five Rivers

H.A. Hargreaves is one of Canada's remarkable, one might even say legendary, speculative fiction writers. He is a retired professor of English, formerly at the University of Alberta (Edmonton), and was twice nominated (1982 and 1983) for the Lifetime Contributions category in the Prix Auroras. His collection of short stories, North by 2000, in its time received wide critical acclaim from both peers and periodicals.

Today Five Rivers is pleased to announce the rebirth of that remarkable collection of short stories by Hargreaves. This new edition, entitled North by 2000+, will feature not only all the quintessentially Canadian stories of the first edition, but five additional published short works, along with a foreword from the author, and an introduction by Dr. Robert Runte.

Cover design has been awarded to Jeff Minkevics.

North by 2000+ is scheduled for release early in 2012, and will be available in print and digital formats worldwide.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scent Hurdle Results for Due South

Here are our results for Due South after two days of racing at AKC, posted by Captain Deb!

What a weekend.  "Hot".  Kinda sums it up, don't it?
Congratulations to each of you for your accomplishments over the weekend.  Be sure to send your brags to Judi so they can be posted for all to see.
Here are the point standings:
Wicca - 445 - qualifies for SHDCH, needs 55 points for SHD.M
Kona - 180 - qualifies for SHD and SHDX
Jagged - 55 - qualifies for SHD
Ryder - 160 - qualifies for SHD and SHDX 
Token - 225 - needs 25 more for SHDCH
Lupine - 85 - qualifies for SHD, needs 15 more for SHDX
Molly - 865 - qualifies for SHD.M (way to go gran - first on our team)
Drummer - 175 - qualifies for SHD and SHDX
To obtain you certificates you need to apply opersonally to the CKC.  I will get forms for you and check on the cost for each certificate.
Way to go!

Thanks to to our team, to Deb and Darryl for box-loading, to Jolene for stepping in and helping us on Sunday,   and to all the other teams for their encouragement. Huge thanks
to Paula, our judge of two days' worth of competition, for making it so much fun!! I know Amanda may have been a bit 'ripped' about it on Saturday :) but took it all with a smile.

AKC reports

Team obedience report from Maureen

From Maureen,who must be congratulated along with her rally stewards for moving a large entry through Rally O Sunday and Monday so smoothly. It was nice to finish ahead of time for a change. Maureen was the captain of the Safety Nerds, entered in Team Obedience. The team was made up of Joan and Bo, Levi and Maureen, Laura and Max and Carol and Hank. This team attempted the Team Obedience competition  for the first time and got a qualifing score of 686 out of 800 which means we passed by 6 points!!!  Maureen was  very impressed at the team work and the execution of the obedience moves!!. She has  posted some video on Facebook!!! 

Brace obedience with Amanda 
Amanda and her corgis, Wicca and Pixel, did a terrific job in the brace obedience. The expression on Pixel's face at times was priceless. She was clearly not impressed with Wicca
pulling her on the recall. What a joy to watch. Pixel ran her first Excellent agility class and Q'd with good time. What a good dog.  Both girls were wonderful in scent hurdle. 

Windmar Belgians   Bo earned a couple of Qualifying rounds towards titles in NADAC and was part of a Qualifying and 1st Place Team for Team Obedience (even though we were the only team entered).  Dex earned his Rally Excellent Title, and Zsuree earned her first conformation point at her very first show!

Judy and the  flatcoat girls 

What a great weekend for Judy and her three flatcoat girls. Mazie won BOB at the Westwinds Sporting Dog Specialty on Friday and  then won BOB again at the all breed show on Sat.

Kona ran Scent Hurdle on Sat and Sun and only missed the 1 st jump coming back once and brought her own dumbbell back everytime. She has 180 pts. enough to qualify for a SHDX title! 

Roxy got 2 Q’s in Agility and finished her Intermediate Standard Select title She got 100 in both that and her Excellent JWW run..

News From Carol An end to a super dog show weekend. Hank got his second leg towards his Rally Advanced title with a score of 94/100 and then ran out of brain cells....:) Had a blast volunteering for Chief Maureen O'Neill in the rally 
obedience ring. Congrats to all my friends who did so well this weekend.

News From Sharlet 
Ryder picked up two more qualifying scores towards his RAE-5 and increased his points in scent hurdle as well.

News from Judi  
It was so good to be at Spruce Meadows again. Friday I judged a Draft Dog test for the Newf Club. I must say that the participants were very well-prepared on the whole and that although we had only three entries that received their DD titles at the show out of 10 entries, it was simply a matter of one little glitch or two that prevented the others from passing. I had a spectator say that having to pass all three different courses (control, carting, and field work) in order to qualify for the Draft Dog title was way too hard and that they should change the requirements. I strongly disagree. The requirements, in my opinion, are fair in that draft dogs need to have all the skills needed in each exercise if they are to be of any real use in the cart. And gaining a Draft Dog title is something to be very proud of. Congratulations to those who passed and to those who came so very close.  As always, it was exciting to see a variety of breeds entered in this test. 

As for our own dogs, Darryl's sheltie, Drummer, had a terrific weekend at AKC.  He picked up a High in Class, a 2nd place and a 4th place in his Advanced Rally B competition and he did very well in scent hurdle, running like a jet over the hurdles to the box and staying focused on his job more than 75% of the time. Of course, playing in the fountain dog spa and barking his head off was way more fun than all that stuffy obedience. 

Swayze received a perfect score for his one and only leg of Excellent B Rally, but he lost energy and interest as the day and the heat progressed. He certainly passed a test of his temperament as did I in my ability to leap like a ninja from 6 feet away to the side of my dog, who was in an honor down position,  in order to avert an encounter with a  great Dane. And I mean GREAT. A HUGE dog that I later found out can be somewhat reactive. Anyway, a sudden leap, an outstretched arm, palm open, and my "I WOULD NOT DO THAT IF I WERE YOU" expression on my face stopped the clock on the Dane and made him think that maybe he'd made a bad decision. My standing still without talking gave him time to process (I could actually SEE it processing) and made it possible for his owner to regain possession of him. Good thing, as I had nowhere to go to get us out of the way in time and nothing to give him to bite if he decided he might.  Poor Swayze thought HE had done something wrong when I landed beside him and he buried himself in the mat on his down!!  What a good dog. His obedience left me  free to deal with the other dog as needed. 

Token picked up some more points towards her SHDCh title and enjoyed just hanging out at the dog show and sleeping on the bed.

Karen, Judi and Drummer

                                           Steven, Judi and Swayze 

Check the latest blog to find out the results of Due South's scent hurdle endeavor. 

News from Denise 
Jagged also got her CKC Intermediate Standard Agility title (was High in Trial Dober for agility and rally) Also completed her NADAC Novice Standard title (agility) in her first N. trial.
Viper was High in Class in Rally Excellent B with a 99.  A little bird flew up from the floor along the tent wall and we lost a point there. Poor Viper. This was his first trial in well over a year. He did good!