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The Gang
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Stateside Stuff

Ryder, German shepherd dog owned by Sharlet Caroe, finished his RA and RE titles in one weekend at the Helena Dog show. He now has his Canadian CD, CGN, AgN, RAE II and his US CD, RA, & RE titles. And now he has started a new career at 9 years of age: scent hurdle racing!!!
Tessa owned by Mary Ellen Whyte obtained a Best of Breed win to give her 10 points towards her US championship. Congratulations are in order and wishes for those Majors!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Camrose results

Congratulations to Carol and Hank on two legs of Novice B obedience! And also to Maureen and Levi for their super scores of 97 and 95 in Rally Advanced! And also to Heather and her poodle who were definitely walkin' on sunshine with two scores towards their RAE title! Exciting!!

Amanda and Wicca had a super agility weekend made especially wonderful with Wicca getting super fast times (2nd over all) and not knocking bars!!!! Her last standard run left Amanda breathless!!! This team has put in plenty of practice to get this far and it has been worth it with Wicca having a fabulous year!!

Tubby Miller will be on hand Saturday the 30th to help us with our team carting. If anyone has questions re: draft dog or carting, I am sure Tubby will be happy to help out.

Good luck to those members entered in the Sit Happens! APDT trials this coming weekend. Let us know how things go.

Club day is Saturday beginning with Scent hurdle practice at 10:00, followed by Rally O : a novice course and then a combination of advanced and excellent to save time, and then obedience/conformation.

Hopefully, Nancy Lopaschuk is coming from Cranbrook and can help us with conformation by putting us through a mock
pattern. I, for one, would appreciate it.

And I would appreciate having someone put me through a pre-novice and novice heeling pattern as my dogs
often have trouble with the judge following us. Sarah needs an Open routine judged. We should be done
before 2:00 p.m.

See you there. Coffee will be on.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Best of the best club day

Today was one of the best days for SAWHDA club days. We had eight people and 12 dogs at club today and everyone had success in one or more areas. I was thrilled to death with the scent team's progress. Our guest, Judy Hunt, went away with happy smiles as her dog, Roxy, picked her dumbbell from the "special box" amidst four others every time. Of course, so did every other dog there. The way we had the situation set up made it impossible for dogs to NOT bring back their proper dummies. And it worked really well as the confidence level was up and dogs were forced to choose the right dumbbell without comment from their owners. Probably the quietest we've ever been. Can't wait for next weekend. Drummer, the sheltie puppy, last night and this morning, slowed down on the box and sniffed out his dumbbell deliberately, checking the others and choosing his. Look out, dumbbells; he can find you now. We still have far to go though as we are taking this very slowly and making every step a baby step for each dog. Token, Ryder, Kipper, Walker, Mesa, Drummer and Roxy all did the jumps and found their bells and did it from various positions as well. We didn't do passes. Just waited for the dogs to come over the last jump and run down the hallway before sending the next dog.

We agreed that distraction is not something we need right now, and we won't stop a dog on its return run to resend it. Instead, our theory is to bring it home and run it at the end rather than interrupt the flow. And no "No's" allowed, either. Just 'yes's'.

We also did some jump/barrel relays and barrel racing to keep up the pace. Kona loved the relays and zoomed around the barrel after just one run! Swayze, Walker, Krissie, Kipper and Maggie, too. Loads of laughs.

The rally courses were challenging but fair and there were no 100's but several very close to it we think. Made ya think.

We all helped each other with stand for exams and we used the Honor in rally for three dogs to sit on a long sit in a line while the working dog was on course. it was great.

We heard from Carol that Hank got a leg towards his CD with a score of 189/200 today and Maureen did well with Levi in Rally with a 97 in her class in Camrose. Good stuff. Still waiting to hear who won the High in Trial at the Newf specialty.

Talk tomorrow. Happy heeling.
The PRez

Saturday, October 2, 2010

good practice

What a great day at club today! We had a terrific rally course which proved to be challenging. We had lots of fun doing relays over the jumps and around the scent box with the new dogs. Because we have lost Bess's participation on our scent hurdle team due to illness, we have had to substitute a quick study and that dog turned out to be Ryder! So with Viper,Token,Wicca, Ryder, Kipper, and Lupine, we can actually have a real practice. Drummer did well and brought his dumbbell over the jumps. Kipper did too. The whistle didn't bother Token. We ran two lines of dogs and nobody was a nut. We are teaching all the new dogs to run the jumps and go around the box (with a large pilon in it) and run back down the jumps. We will replace the box with a 'barrel' and have them practice going around that as well to build speed and enthusiasm.

We hope to meet again next Saturday. We'll do rally from 10 - 11:45 and then scent until 12:45 and then, if people would like, we'll run novice/open/utility obedience. Hope you can make it.