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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sit Happens! APDT Winners

Huge congratulations to Sylvia and Jennifer who travelled to Calgary for the Sit Happens!
APDT Rally O trial last weekend with Julie the poodle and Abby the BC and Spencer the Jack Russell. 

Julie entered 8 trials Q’d in all 8, got her level 2 title, Q’d in all 3 of her Level 3 rounds but did not receive a title because there was only one judge. She'll get it next time for sure.  Julie finished the weekend with 6 second place, 1 3rd place and a qualifying score for points in Level 1.  

Jennifer didn't go for a new title but went for points. 

 Spencer, her Jack, was in all 4 trials. Level 2 he scored......201,200,196, and a 192 her Mr. Reliable! 

And Abby was in all four  Level One rounds as well as all four Level 2 rounds. Her scores in Level one were.....204,209,205,and a 208. She also got High Scoring Team Ribbon Level 1B for the second day with a 208. 

Her level 2 scores were..... 203,195,NQ, and her final round was a 206 I beleive I can remember what it was but I know it was around that. Abby brought home the High Score Team Ribbon in Level 2B on the second day again. 

We are so proud of these achievements as APDT is more difficult than CKC Rally. Although food is allowed on course and delivered only after stationery exercises, double commands are penalized.
Scores can plummet quickly in APDT. 

Weather permitting, we'll be able to congratulate the girls in person this coming Saturday as
the Cowley Hall is booked for us. 

The Prez 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Non-shepherd weekend

Shar and I travelled to Calgary for the CKOC dog show with Drummer, Castle and Beckett.
It felt very weird to be going to a dog show in the van without a German shepherd escort, but as it turned out, it was a good thing.  The two shibas and the sheltie used our hotel room as a racetrack.
And, just our luck, Beckett came into season on Friday night.  We bought the pant outfit for her on Saturday and she was less than enthused with the entire idea, twirling and screeching and trying to bite me.  Sharlet had much better luck and cajoled the little monster into wearing the pants. Once they were on, Beckett was fine, but the idea of having her tail pulled through the hole in the pants was not her idea of fun at all. 
It was super to have the opportunity to work Castle in Advanced and Excellent Rally at the Fun Match on Thursday night.  Thank you, Judge Laurie, for allowing treats and clicks in the ring and for awarding us 100 in advanced and 99 in Excellent.  So encouraging.
On Friday night, Drummer tried the Open routine and except for a couple of small glitches all related to new venue and new people in the ring and all around the outside of the ring, he did all the exercises.  Sooooo proud of his 3 minute sit.  Whew.  Retrieve fronts and finishes were good, too.
Broad jump nice and straight over the boards.  Shar stayed at the hotel with the urchins.

Congratulations to MaryEllen and Tessa on the new CD title!!! Well done.  And to Ev and Bob who finished their poodle's Canadian Championship.  

We have had a wonderful run of luck with our resident Shiba Inu, Castle, who went Best of Breed two days in a row to end the weekend with 8 pts. towards his conformation Championship. Two to go.  Now we need to concentrate on his CGN work as there is a test coming up soon in Calgary. 
Speaking of the CGN, our club should host another one.  We had such fun at our last.  And I am sure that Andrea and Bill would come out to judge.  Let me know if you are interested in such a move on the club's part and we'll arrange it through the CKC.

Our SAWHDA advertisement in the Pincher Creek Town Booklet is beautiful!!! Glossy. Striking.
Yes!  And we have been asked by the organizers of the Fall Fair if we can put together a demo group of square dancing, barrel racing, and tunnel/jump relay racing to take place Sept 15th. We need eight people to commit to the time and we can do it.  Please let me know if you can make it.

We have seven dogs signed up for our Draft Dog Day on April 29th at Shadowbar Shepherds. Should be such fun. 

A reminder to everyone that we have the Cowley Hall booked for the following dates for club days:

Saturdays:  March 17th, 24th, and April 21st. Focus on obedience and Rally O. 

Scent hurdlers are welcome at 9:30 a.m. sharp... all levels.

Obedience : 10:15 beginning with Utility practice, followed by Open and Novice, & pre-novice.
Rally O:  11:30 or so.

Please keep in mind that no formal instruction is given .... these days are for practice and testing. 

I do believe that Daylight Saving time begins on March 11th, so remember to spring ahead!!! 
Won't it be wonderful to have evening light?

To those headed to Red Deer in the next few weeks, good luck to you all and a safe trip, too.
May all your dogs remain healthy and happy.

The Prez