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The Gang
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Claus Parade

Our SAWHDA group looked so good in the Santa Claus Parade. Hard to describe, really.
We had a bit of everything.
 We led off with Sharlet and her brace of shepherds in backpacks. Mesa and Ryder looked super with teddy bears and snowmen peeping out of the side pockets on the packs. 

 Next came Janet and her Bernese Mt. Dog, Tucker, who was decked out in a winter scarf and Santa toque, and Maureen, with Joan's Belgian pup, Danny, and Darryl's sheltie, Drummer Boy.  Maureen actually brought her own sheltie, Levi, and her parents' dog, Lexi, along, but both dogs thought that Maureen was out of her mind asking them to walk in the parade and at the first chance, each of them hooked a ride in a cart, Levi preferring Joan's cart with Beau pulling, and Lexi trusting Carol and Hank to drive for her. We were concerned that they might jump out during the parade but no worries. They weren't prepared to trade a cushy ride for a long walk.  Even Drummer calling out "Merry Christmas" and leaping in the air to catch his leash along the entire parade route, couldn't move them. The tv crew on hand liked them so much they took shots of the cart dogs and passengers from ground level! 

 Nicole and Sophie did a great job of attracting smiles from the crowd as Sophie pulled her cart full of presents (some of them escaping due to the wind) without any concern about the crowds (five layers deep the entire route). 

Carol and Hank and Judi & Swayze were next in line with their carts. Hank was super confident and so mellow about the whole thing, bands, horses, and all. He even looked like he was smiling... and for sure Carol was !

We are not sure if Tubby would approve of our tactics, but Swayze was a last minute (and we do mean, twelfth hour) stand in for Token, who can easily pull the cart but is miserable doing it. 
The night before the parade, Deb, (shaking her head at the bravado ... or stupidity of 
Swayze's owner... that would be me) Shar, (trying hard to believe it would work, but clenching her teeth) and I, (who had no doubt the dog would do it...uh, wouldn't he?) hooked up Swayze (who has never had a cart harness or cart behind him before) in the garage and walked him forward 20 feet, unhooked him, and repeated this about five times without a wreck. "Good enough," I said.  "He'll do it." And why not? He pulls a dog sled. The only diff was the shafts which were a bit scary as they confine the dog's movement, especially in a turn, but I knew I only had two turns on the entire route. He could do it.

And he did. And everytime Drummer leaped in the air and barked, Swayze did this "Hi-ho Silver routine",  only he was attached to the cart. We lost our brake half way through the parade and I had to double wrap my leash around the inside shaft so I could stop the cart from riding up on Swayze, but he was super throughout it all. Trust is a wonderful thing. 

And bringing up the rear was what I, personally, consider to be the best exhibit in the group.  This year the fifth-wheel wagon was a bright Christmas red with greenery around the wagon, and poinsettia wreaths around Walker and RoZe's necks as they towed the Christmas wagon with Mojo riding in it. It took both Russell on one side and Deb on the other to hold the dogs back. They had no trouble with the wind or the wagon, that's for sure. And the amazing thing. They were in step with each other walking or standing through most of the entire route. Check out the picture. Is there one dog with four ears or two dogs?

And we were so lucky to have Marilyn on hand to zip into Luigi's Restaurant and hold a table for all of us so we could enjoy a pre-Christmas luncheon together and discuss some cool seminars for the new year.

It's days like this that make me so thankful for all our SAWHDA members because this activity has nothing to do with certificates or titles for our dogs. What it shows is that we care enough to share the wonder or what we do so others can enjoy our dogs, too.

What a great day!!!  Thanks to all. 

the prez

SAWHDA at the Fort Macleod Parade

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Obedience Rules for 2012

All set.   SAWHDA is pleased to say that CKC obedience judge, Jeff Lunder, has agreed to travel to Cowley, Alberta, Saturday, January 7th,  to review the rule changes for CKC obedience for 2012.  
The presentation will begin at 10:00 a.m. followed by lunch and then a fun match for practice!!!  The club is asking for participants to donate $10.00 towards the cause.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please email if you intend to join us so we can use the numbers to best plan our day.

So far, we have had 15 affirmative replies within the past two hours of posting.   Wonderful!!!!

The Prez 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good weekend for all

Lethbridge Dog Show was terrific.  We had members take High in Class in both Obedience and Rally rings.  Sarah and Gyp and Tina and Jethro did especially well. In Scent hurdling, our Due South team, with Betty running her first scent hurdle race ever, picked up 30 points with no errors.  We ran clean and had no cross-overs or time faults and came away with two new titles!!! Liz's Lupine now has her Scent Hurdle Excellent title and my Token now has her Scent Hurdle Championship title.  We were missing two of our crew, with Wicca and Jagged being a bit under the weather but we look forward to adding them to the team roster at AKC.
We have contacted Jeff Lunder who will be traveling to Cowley to go over the changes in obedience rules with us and we invite Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and Cranbrook club members to join us.  As soon as we know the official date, we will send plans to everyone.
We hope to see everybody at the Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade this coming Saturday.  Meet the gang at the A&W by 10:00 so we can get in line.
Safe traveling.
The Prez

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last practice until the new year

Today was the last practice for Due South scent hurdlers before the Lethbridge and districtKennel Club dog show next weekend and we are happy to report that except for a few minor glitches, all is well in The 'South' and we are looking forward to the races. the Lethbridge judging schedule is online at Canuck dogs. Obedience is in the morning and rally takes up the afternoon. Team members are asked to meet at the show grounds around three the rally ring. Look for Deb. Bring your dog, dumbbells, and jacket if you have it, and dress in a white top.

In obedience we had some really nice runs with all the dogs. and the two rally courses were challenging but fair. We discussed the marking of the Honor exercise in Excellent because depending on the judge, what is a fail in one ring is points off in another. It was the consensus of the group that a judge should take the time in the Excellent briefing to explain his expectations clearly to the competitors before the class begins so everyone is of the same understanding.

I must say that it is a pleasure to have qualified competitors on hand to help with course set up and give valuable feedback and in site to the course designer. And, as usual, everyone played, even if the dog wasn't quite at the level of the course set. Sixteen week old pups and RAE dogs took turns doing the exercises they could as the rest of us cheered them on. We even worked each others dogs!!

All in all, it was a good way to end our hall practices for this year.

Remember,to check in with Judi to let her know whether or not you will be attending the November 26th Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade. So far, we have four braces and four carts and a wagon as our exhibit. We meet at the A & W at 10:00 a.m.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The Prez

Friday, November 11, 2011


Kona earned her 1st leg towards her RA in Red Deer last weekend with a score of 91. Owner Judy Hunt said jokingly that it might have been much better had she not taken a liking to the judge, ring steward and gallery. We, their teammates for scent hurdle, love Kona's happy go lucky attitude!!

Must thank everybody for continuing to vote for Drummer in the Fido Casting Call contest. We are at 787 this morning!!!! Think we can make it to number one???? Please vote.

We are practicing at the Cowley Hall this Sunday from 9:30 until 1:00 pm and would love to see you there! Scent hurdle, obedience practice, obedience testing, rally O. Last chance to get a run in before Lethbridge's show. Remember the Go Do Go fun matches in the evening.

A reminder that it is nearing time to renew memberships for the 2012 year. We are keeping the rate to $20.00. Starting in January, nonmembers' rates for drop ins will increase to $7:00 while members' rates will remain $5:00.

The Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade is November 26th. Meet at the A&W at 10:00 sharp and we will walk down to our place on the parade route together. Dress in layers as the weather can change in a heartbeat!!!

OH! and the Millarville Christmas craft fair is on this weekend, too. and good luck to the agility gang in their adventures this weekend!!

And best wishes for a fast recovery to Tubby Millard who is recovering from eye surgery. Behave yourself.

The Prez

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red Deer results for today

Joan'sBelgian shepherd girl Zsuree earned her Canine Good Neighbor title!!!! Good job.
Mary Ellen and Tess once again won High score in Class and gained the Rally Advanced title with 99/100. Mary Ellen went on to win Best Puppy in Show with her friend's Weimeraner, Max.
What an exciting day!! We love news like this!!!

On a sad note, my heart goes out to Kirk Olchowy on the loss of his Canine Partner, Karelian Beardog Mica at the age of 10. Mica was one of the original dogs to come from Wind River Beardogs in the States to be trained here in Alberta to work alongside a Fish & Wildlife Officer in Wildlife management. I was so fortunate to work with talented dog and his handler in helping them become the terrific wildlife management team they were. when Kirk retired from the department this year, Mica retired with him. Mica spent the summer traveling with Kirk and his wife, Donna, accompanying Kirk on fishing excursions and long, leisurely walks, fitting for a dog that worked hard all his life. Mica passed away at home with Kirk at his side. I will miss him. He changed my life.
The Prez

Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Deer Results for Friday

Wow!!! What a day for Mary Ellen and Tessa.  They took High in Advanced A class Rally O with a score of 99/100 under judge Michael Calhoun.  And in the Novice obedience ring, they were 4th place in a run off with a score of 191 1/2 to gain their first Q towards their CD.  So why not just clean up in the shorthair ring as well and walk off with a Best of Breed Award.  Sheesh!!! Not too greedy!!LOL.  Go get 'em, girls.

The Prez

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jagged and Denise top the competition

From Denise: 

Jagged and I had an awesome weekend at the APDT Rally Trial hosted by "Sit Happens" in Calgary, Alberta.
It was 2 full days (12 hour days!) filled with lots of friends, fun, laughter and even a few tears. Many of us only see one another at these trials,and some have lost their beloved dogs while others have celebrated happy times including new puppies and plans for the future.

Jagged went High in Level 1B and Level 3B on Saturday, and High in Level 3B on Sunday! She was also awarded a beautiful rosette for her ARCHX Title (APDT Rally Champion Excellent) and is now caught up to Viper! I'm most proud of her for her 6 perfect scores(210's)over the weekend!

Super job, Denise!
The Prez

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sit Happens! Rally Trial results

Denise, Jenn and Sylvia attended the Sit Happens! APDT trial last weekend and had some 
exciting results.

Denise's Jagged was High in Level 3 both days and Hiigh in Level 1 on Saturday.  She had perfect scores in all levels both days but missed HIT due to time.  Her HIT in the other levels was that she had higher scores.

Jenn got  Level 2 titles on both Spencer and Abby!

Sylvia had a few good runs with Julie and needs one more leg for her L2.

  The trial was HUGE and went until  7:30 on Saturday night and 5:30 on Sunday - no lunch break and a bit smaller entry and some scratches.  Both days started on the line at 8 am.

Congratulations to all of you!!

The Prez