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The Gang
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Night!

Tuesday night training at Cowley was fun, fun, fun.We started with barrel racing and showcased the little dogs. Kipper is a demon. He is so fast that he looks as though he is the" bunny" used in lure coursing. MoJo proved that he knows the first two barrels by heart.... his biggest motivation is the crowd cheering him on.
Kris was hysterically funny. She found out early that the treats were on the plate behind the third barrel as a go back and she couldn't do the first two barrels. She would line up at the start and fly straight to the plate.
Took some convincing to get her to work first.
The two big dogs that 'played' were Zeus and Ryder and both did a great job. Zeus is just learning the game but is happy to learn. Ryder is an old hat at Barrels and was simply super!!!
We moved on to scent hurdle and started with the young dogs doing jumps up and back. They are all happy to perform. Next, we put the loaded plate in front of the box and sent the dogs. We started working the more advanced dogs to go around the box and back to the start before being rewarded and it worked too! Last of all we worked Kipper and Token and both zoomed out to the box and back with a dumbbell.
Drill was too funny. Deb is a task master as Russell, Barb, Shirley and Sharlet soon found out. 270's left, call front's and forwards, circles left and right were hard to execute in precision, but improvements came with practice and things didn't deteriorate too badly. Richard and I were happy to sit on the sidelines and heckle.
In the obedience, it was a red letter night for Swayze and me. For the first time, without too much distraction mind you, Swayze heeled in perfect precision the entire perimeter of the hall. I was so excited. His recall was straight and true.
Token did a broad jump to die for. Her heeling was very good. Everyone did the straight figure 8 so we could practice matching our footwork with that of our dogs' so that we would not be adapting pace and losing marks. Everyone did very well, with nobody dropping back his shoulder. It was nice to see.
Shaggy came in for conformation practice and I was actually able to run easily with her a bit ahead of me at a decent pace without tearing around the ring. She needs more practice with setting up her free stack when coming off the pace, but she is lovely to see when she is stacked!

Sunday, January 31st, we have rented the hall for the following club activities:

9:30 Draft Dog work: Bring your dog and cart and practice indoors, out of the wind.

10:30 Scent Hurdle work: All dogs ......... Teams work first. Younger, less advanced dogs work last.

noon: Obedience work: All levels


Good luck to those of you travelling to the AKC show in February. See you there!!

The 'Prez"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Fun Day of the Year Goes Well

Today was our first Fun Day of 2010 and we had fun!!! Ten of us gathered at the Cowley Hall to do obedience, scent hurdle, and Rally O. To begin, Shar, Richard, Russell and I did Pre-novice and Open exercises with Ryder, Zeus, MoJo, Swayze, and Token. It was a super opportunity for me to have a male judge follow Swayze and me as Swayze sometimes gets nervous about judges following him. Token was hot, hot, hot on the Open routine. And Shar, after showing us what the Pre-novice exercises looked like with her dog, Ryder, turned into our judge! We all did well.

Switching to scent hurdle, I was very surprised! Mesa absolutely stunned me by doing scent hurdle and finding her dumbbell in the box with three x's. What a girl! And "She Whodoesnotjump" jumped madly to and fro with gusto! I think it had everything to do with the fact that Shar was the boxloader and Mesa is wild about Shar. But nevertheless, she was smoking hot in scent.
Token managed to keep her cool and find her dumbbell even though Zeus, GSD pup with A.D.D. escaped from his handler and raced to the box with Token and then jumped all over her while she was trying to get her dumbbell. She was definitely rattled about that and asked if we could look in Sears for a helmet or Zeus-repellent, but in the end, she truly recuped and did some good running with Donella's Molly and Pat's Drakkar, who are both seasoned scent dogs.
Betsy, Zydeco, Zeus, and Mojo practiced jumps to and from a treat platter and loved it.
Kipper, toy poodle, raced out over the jumps to grab a dumbbell twice his size and made a valient effort to carry it over all jumps without dropping it. What a hoot! We will bring a better fit for him next Sunday.

After a quick break and a pizza ..... yes, a pizza!!!! Actually, TWO pizzas, thanks to chef Marilyn, we set up a novice and an advanced rally course. Some of the dogs were a bit rusty, due to the holiday lay-off, but for the most part, we were really happy with their performances.
Mojo never got one treat from the treat bowls on the off-set figure eight exercise and Kipper did!!! Swayze and Token did a Rally O Brace team performance on an Advanced course as did Ryder and Mesa. Super!!! Absolutely super!! Now, we just need the CKC to get on board and make it a rally class.
To sum it up, we had a wonderful day. It was so nice to see Donnie, Daryl, and Pat again. The weather couldn't have been more cooperative. The food was wonderful, as usual, and we all enjoyed being there.

We hope to have even more members out next weekend as some of our gang were at agility competitions.

See you there.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Everyone!
And with that a reminder that 2010 memberships are due for renewal at this time. Cowley Hall booked for
January 10th, 17th, and 24th for the following activities.

Sunday, January 10th:

9:00 AM

1/2 Hall: Pre-novice and Novice Obedience routines
1/2 Hall Open & Utility routines
10:30 Scent Hurdle Practice : Basics
  • recalls over jumps/ dogs do not need to know how to fetch for this part.send-away's to box/ dogs do not need to know how to fetch for this part.
  • fetch from box..... one dumbbell and dog at a time.handler's request
  • Teams
11:30 a.m. Rally O
****** I need to know how many are wanting a Novice course or should I begin with an Advanced course? Remember, it is up to handlers whether or not to use the leash. ******* Let me know.******
Cost: $5.00 drop in fee.
See you there!!!

Sunday, January 17th:
Same as above.

Sunday, January 24th
9:30 Novice
10:30 Advanced
11:30 Excellent

12:00 Pre-novice followed by Novice and Open