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Monday, September 30, 2013

Herding Showcase Winner!!!

  Congratulations to Lore Bruder and her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Daisy-May, on winning the prestigious CKC Herding Showcase held on Vancouver Island at Cobble Hill, B.C.  This team's consistency in handling challenging courses in a calm, even manner, produced the scores necessary to win not only a large Herding Started Course, but the Entire Showcase, proving that hard work and dedication to the sport pays off.

   There are three levels in the Canadian Kennel Club Herding Trials;  Herding Started, Herding Intermediate, and Herding Advanced.  Course difficulty increases at  each level.  Dog/handler teams need to receive three qualifying scores under two judges in order to receive a title.  The averages of the scores are recorded during the year, and the top ten dogs with the highest average in each of the competition levels are invited to enter the Herding Showcase!

  Lore and Daisy-May were among the top ten in the Herding Started Class.  The dogs had three trial attempts to gain the highest average in the Showcase.  Each trial is judged simultaneously by two CKC Herding Judges, and this year, judges Lynn Leach and Gloria Graham, awarded Lore and Daisy-May the Highest Score in the Herding Started Class and also the Highest Scoring Team in the entire Showcase, over some stiff competition. 
 We are extremely proud of this team and can't wait to see them in Intermediate in the next year.

  Judges Lynn Leach and Gloria Graham with Daisy-May and Lore.

Note... Daisy-May, not Daisy-Mae.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Cranbrook Dog Show

Thank you to the members of the Cranbrook and District Kennel Club for their hard work and dedication in making the August show a great success.  We who belong to SAWHDA know well how important volunteers are to a small club.  Without their dedication, jobs can become overwhelming with a few members taking on multiple chores. I am sure that all the members who attended the show and worked had their feet up and a glass of refreshment Sunday night.  Good on you all!!

Shar's puppy, Justice Shines, took a Puppy Group at the show which included seven Champions/Grand   Champion/ Grand Champion X with Justice as the lone Class Dog.
But he did have class and showed very well his last show as a Jr. Puppy.

Castle qualified twice and gained his new C.D. title 1/2 point off High in Class.
He did a nice job outdoors despite his fixation with bugs... scary stuff.

Drummer had moments of brilliance.... he was happy in the Open ring, which is soooo important as it gives him the confidence to go on.  He lost two points throughout his entire heeling pattern. He lost 0 points on his fetch on flat and fetch over high, and he lost no points on his broad jump.
I was delighted.  And I can understand his failure to execute a drop on recall as I have paired a sit with his "Lie Down" in herding so that he has more presence with the sheep.
But..... but.... the latest bugaboo... he's been talking to HANK.
"Let's lie down on our long sit."  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great Falls Dog Show

A note from Carol, Emily and Hank... all attending the Great Falls Dog Show this weekend. 
"Tired dogs after a long day at the Great Falls dog show. Emily got 2 of her Rally Advanced legs with a HIC 93 and a 2nd place 92. Hank got 2 legs Rally Advanced with an 89 4th place and an 85 3rd place. And he got his second leg to CD with a score of 186 1/2 and 2nd place."
On Sunday, Carol reports......".Hank and Emily earned their US Rally Advanced titles today. Emily taking another HIC while her brother took 3rd place. Emily got her first Rally Excellent leg with 2nd place and had a blast withMaureen O'Neill in the ring while I had Hank in the obed ring. Hank didn't get his last leg of his CD today  2 tries and he laid down on the sit both times as I was returning to him. Good I have some twisted tea to take away the disappointment ."

And from Maureen and Levi.......

" A long day of Rally in Great Falls MT, well worth it as Levi now has her American Rally Advance title, score if 81 in the first trail, decided she did not like the bar jump, and a score of 90 in the second with 2 points off for barking which means we were actually having fun! Onto Excellent for Sunday and whole new set of challenges, so proud of her!"

And on Sunday...... Levi got 2 RE legs today. Tough course in the morning  and, of course, a lot of the new signs that Levi and I had not done before so really nervous but you are allowed repeats so we did back up 3 steps and  I stopped and Levi stopped so I redid and of  course did not set up before redoing, so off went 13. We got a score of 76 but that gave us a Q . Not bad for first try.  We even did the Send dog over jump but I had to hang back and not pass jump and call Levi to heel ! This after she refused the same the bar jump Saturday . This afternoon after waiting all day we got a 91 with one repeat on the dratted  back up again. Ill take it though so we got our CGC and RA this weekend.  Yeah!"

Tubby and Cagney got their American CDX title at the Great Falls Shows also. They were featured in the Great Falls Tribune!!!  

                                                              Tubby & Cagney

Read about it here!!!

Cagney and Tubby

                                            Late AKC News 

Nicole Weibe and her Berner, Bailey, have added yet another title to the DD, RA, and CGN taking High in Class to gain their CD.    Way to be.