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The Gang
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Congratulations to Carol and her Bernese Mt. Dog, Hank, for a very worthy performance in the rally Excellent ring last weekend. Hank earned a qualifying leg towards his RE title with a 91 score.Joan's Belgian girl, Zsuree went BOW and BOS for the major in her breed! Good job!

A reminder to everyone that Dog club is Sunday, October 30th with scent hurdle versus conformation at 9:30 followed by obedience and rally obedience. See you there!

We send best of luck to those members who are doing Sit Happens! aPDt rally next weekend.
Your practice runs Sunday were wonderful!!

Thanks to everyone for making our club day such a success on Sunday!! Special thanks to Liz for the super photos of the dogs!! Our scent hurdle practice went well and it was super to see Sylvia's poodle, Julie, take all the jumps and fetch her bell! Huge!!!

the Prez

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Farewell to Champion Tawnashee's Serenity Beckons OFA H & E

This weekend Jeff and Cheryl Popoff said goodby to their 9 1/2 year old German shepherd, Casey.
All of our SAWHDA members send their sympathy and support to the Popoff's at this sad time.
Casey was a littermate to Cleo, Ande, and Token.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cowley Hall Times

This Sunday, October 23, we will begin our Cowley Hall Club Day at 9:30 with scent hurdle, followed by standard obedience, conformation and rally O.
Hope to see you there!!
The Prez

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that we report that Deb Golding said a last farewell on Saturday to her wonderful young shepherd, Fyre, diagnosed with liver failure earlier in the week.

 Fyre was the dog that never put a foot wrong.  Right from the start, although she was the littlest of the group, she had an 'old dog's sense' about her.  She was so accepting of everything people asked of her.  She was the first of the litter to try anything and she excelled at tracking; her favorite activity. She had a quiet confidence about her and the other pups never messed with her. She just had that look. 

 Fyre was Deb's 'keeper of secrets, her heart dog; she knew all Deb's hopes and dreams and Deb knew they were safe with her. 

As Debbie says,  "There will be an emptiness in my home and heart for a very, very, long time."  Now we wait for the next rainbow or for the northern lights to let us know that Fyre has made her way to Smoke, Mike, Den and Koke."

Our hearts go out to Deb, and to Shar and Cathy, who loved Fyre like she was their own. 
                                                                 As did I.

The Prez

Monday, October 3, 2011

First Club Day a Success

Yesterday was the first SAWHDA club day at the Cowley Hall and it was well-attended for sure.
We began with warm-ups and work in obedience and then Tubby Miller stepped in to judge the Open and Novice routines.  We practiced sits/downs as well and went away with a set idea of what we have to work on to further ready our dogs for competition.

We moved on to scent hurdle practice and had some good performances here as well. Kipper even managed to find his dumbbell! It was great to see Donnie, Darryl, Liz, Amanda, Kim, Judy, and Jolene again.

We did some relay sprints and barrels with those club dogs that are travelling to Fort Macleod for the October 15th performance and then we did a Novice Rally course as well.  Hobie loves the relays as does Drummer.  And MoJo was running hard again, which is so nice to see.  I think he wore Russell out!
We loved the Elvis tunes, especially for Rally.

In between, MaryEllen helped us with conformation practice with the pups and we had a chance to visit with Lanny, Barb's new fluffy puppy.

And a couple of us pulled out the old-style "armed" flyball box and worked our dogs at that.  Drummer pretty well has the idea up close and now will work on distance and jumps.  Ryder too.  Tessa just loved the entire idea of a ball being tossed to her from a machine.  And Hunter lucked out and hit the box a couple of times.  He has the best catch, but then I think he has the widest mouth too!

We ended our day around two o'clock.  Thanks to all who attended.  It is so good to see you again.

The Prez

Helena News

News From Judy Hunt

We attended a dog show in Helena, Mt last weekend and I am happy to say that Kona got 2 majors, 3 points each day….her first US points. She now has 6 points.

Roxy did Rally Novice and got respectable scores of 91 & 92.

Good for you, Judy. Nice to see, once again, the dogs performing in both the conformation and performance rings. 

The Prez

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Group first win

Jeff & Cheryl's Brenner taking a Group First at the Castlegar  Dog Show 

Ch. Kris-T's The King & I 

Well done  !!!