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The Gang
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drill Team Performing at Pet Expo             Photo of dogs at Pet Expo Booth

Pet Expo

Last weekend, our SAWHDA Dance Team travelled to Calgary to be part of Pet Expo. We had a blast!  We did our
square dance and drill team routine and Token helped out another group by demonstrating an ad-libbed freestyle dance
routine that was appreciated by the large audience at ringside. Our booth was visited by huge numbers of people who were
not the least bit deterred by the fact that our activities take place an hour and a half due south of the city.  We were so fortunate to have Brian Burke from Back in the Pack Photography offer to take our group picture. Brian is a professional photographer. His site is and he will be taking action shots at the Agility Regionals in Lethbridge in June.
We also had an animal wrangler ( a person who scouts events for animals that might fit an advertisement or movie) come by and take some photos of the dogs in the group. Who knows?  We may have the next Littlest Hobo in our group.
Thank you to all the members who made the weekend possible. You are the best!!!
Safe trip to Tubby and Michelle who are making their way to the US Newfoundland Nationals. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pet Expo

Hi, Everyone,
 Our SAWHDA Canine Square Dance Team members will be performing at PET EXPO in Calgary April 18 & 19th.  We will perform our square dance, our Lion King Drill, and hopefully, a short freestyle dance.  If you are in the Calgary area, please drop by our booths 818 & 820 and see us!  
 If you are interested in becoming part of our SAWHDA Drill Team, please send an email to and let us know.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rally On!!!

What a club!! The Red Deer Dog Show was the place to be for SAWHDA members this weekend.  Standard Obedience results saw Maureen O'Neill and Levi finish their Companion Dog Degree with High in Class. Tubby Miller and Simon picked up another leg towards their CDX degree which leaves them one to go both in the States and Canada. Hopefully, Simon will come home from the U.S. Newf specialty with a new title.  Michelle and Tubby leave this week for Michigan.

The Rally Ring really rocked this weekend with six shepherds, five German and one Belgian, a golden retriever, and a sheltie gave us High in Class Scores, some beautiful performances, and lots to remember about the weekend for years to come. 

Maureen and Levi received two scores towards their Rally Excellent A title, and Joan and Dezi, the Belgian, ended the weekend with two legs towards their Rally Novice and a third place rosette!  Swayze picked up two out of two legs towards his Rally Novice with a third and place rosette.

Sharlet and Ryder completed their Rally Excellent B title with a score of 98 and a 4th place rosette. 

Bess, Lee's golden retriever, handled by Judi, finished her Rally Advanced title with 98 and a High in Class and then went on to the Excellent B ring and received two legs towards her Rally Excellent title, with scores of 98 and 88 and to third place wins.

Token picked up two scores towards her Rally Excellent title in spite of Judi's pathetic handling skills, which ended up DQ 'ing the dog on Saturday and ruining two perfect scores Friday and Sunday by messing up an exercise!  Grrrr. Good thing dogs don't remember these mistakes.

Deb and Walker were fantastic, finishing his Rally Novice title in 3 three straight scores with 98, 98, and a 92 under Judge Rod Beaudry who does not give away points for free.  Walker landed two second place and one third place rosettes.

Mesa Sue was super!  This little girl be-bopped through the courses happily and finished her Rally Excellent B title with a High in Class win of 91 under Rod Beaudry!!! What a great way to end the weekend!!  Mesa has qualified in every trial from Novice to Excellent. What a girl. 

What started out as a rather poopy weekend with Swazye and his crate requiring a visit to the local car wash to be power-hosed to cleanliness, ended up with everyone smelling like a Rose.

Lore Bruder and Louanne Killoran have been travelling to High River to herd with their corgis as they get ready to head to the coast mid-May for some trialing. 

Judi Snowdon and Chris Martens are heading for Sundre mom's day weekend for a weekend of herding and trialing tips.

Last night's drill and square dance performance were excellent as we look forward to Pet Expo in Calgary on the 18th and 19th of the month and a chance to show people why  SAWHDA is the club to join.

We are now offering, to our mixed breed owners, the opportunity to test their dogs in standard obedience within our club, under the same rules bound by registered dogs  in CKC competition.  A SAWHDA certificate will be issued to those dogs passing their 
PCD, CD, CDX, and UD SAWHDA tests. 

Our SAWHDA campout May 22nd weekend will be held at Shadowbar Shepherds.  A program of events will be sent to all paid up SAWHDA members by May 10th. 

Good luck to all our club members in their agility, rally, obedience, drafting, tracking, herding, and conformation events coming up this spring.