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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Draft Dog Day a Success for All

What a great day!!  The SAWHDA Draft Dog Workshop was a huge success. There was truly something for everyone and the dogs were all able to participate, from puppies to practiced adults.  It was a tremendous pleasure for the four instructors to be able to work with such an enthusiastic group of people. We admired the wonderful temperaments of all the dogs present.  All the dogs were able to work without interfering with other teams.  All the dogs were calm and relaxed in the hall setting.  Tammy and Tig went from rank beginners to carting with full turns as though they had been carting for months.   We were lucky to have Nikki and Tom offer to try their dogs at all three events in the DD test.  And when we were done, Tubby showed how he taught his dogs to walk up ahead of the handler in working towards the DDX title. We were able to raise $150 which was presented to Tubby Miller and earmarked for his next Newf rescue.   Thank you to all those who participated and who helped with clean-up and transportation of equipment.  Thank you to Deb and Shar for their endless energy in setting up the hall, preparing the food, cleaning the hall, and helping pack up all the equipment.  We will be working outdoors from this point onward over the summer and our base will be Shadowbar Shepherds northwest of Lundbreck. 

Events and practices will be posted on this website and we invite everyone to take advantage of the outdoor venue to get ready for the summer shows. 
We are looking for more 'square dance' dogs so if you would like to join us, please let us know.  We have been invited to perform in two events over the summer/fall already.  

The parade season is coming up as well and those who would like to try their new found skills in drafting by taking in a parade can set their sights on the Canada Day Parade in the Crowsnest Pass for some fun and enjoyment.

Good luck to those of you who are entered in the Medicine Hat show in the next couple of weeks.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doggie events for May

Our draft dog workshop for this Sunday, April 29th is ready to roll. We will meet at the Cowley Hall at 9:00 and the seminar will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m.  There will be lots to do for pups and pro's alike.

Those wishing to practice for the Medicine Hat Dog Show in a different venue are welcome to attend the Perfect Pooches Fun Match on May 5th at Coalhurst.

OBEDIENCE            -11:00 AM
PUPPY SWEEPS    -  1:00 PM

Recreational Search Classes begin Tuesday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m. at Shadowbar Shepherds.  Got a dog with a nose that just won't stop?  Join the crew.  $5:00 a dog will get you in...

 Due South for some canine fun. Just want to hike and explore with your dog???  Lots of opportunity here. 

Rodeo weekend starts Friday at the Crowsnest Pass Complex in Coleman..... Carla & Oshi got caught up in the fever...

The Prez 

Friday, April 20, 2012


So very proud of this team! Sniper (Dezi and Izzy) and his owner Janeal, are now CSDA Certified Level 1 for Search and Rescue!! Janeal had a goal in mind for her next Belgian, achieved it with a promising puppy who had a working drive and more. And some very hard work. A great accomplishment!! Wishing them lots of success in Search and Rescue.

Also wishing Cindy and Ruger the best day for their Level II certification on Monday!!! You go, girl.

Reminder..... we have the Excellent course of rally already set up in the hall for 9:00 tomorrow morning.  To be followed by Advanced and then Novice.  See you there.

The Prez

Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Hall Date for the summer

Hi, Everyone,

 Just a reminder that this Saturday, April 21st, will be our last regular Cowley Hall practice. We will begin with Rally O and work from Novice to Excellent.  There will be some obedience drill and common sits and downs but no routines as we need to vacate by 1:00 p.m. as the Hall is rented for another function at 4:00 p.m.

 In keeping with our usual routines, our weekend practices will move outdoors to Shadowbar so that the dogs get practice in working in the outdoor settings.  Each week on this blog, we will post the activities happening at Shadowbar.

Sunday, April 29th, has been set aside as our Draft Dog Day and we have ten dog/handler teams attending.
I will be sending out the schedules next weekend.

Sharlet, Lore and I will represent our club at The View in Lethbridge on Thursday as the seniors celebrate Dog Days.  We will be sure to post photos and a report of our activities that day..... not the shopping.
Well, maybe the shopping.  No, not the shopping.

The sun is out after having a dump of snow and the old horse has had his blanket removed.  It will be a good day.

Let us know if you can join us Saturday.

The Prez

                                                                 Deb and the dogs...
Moose learning to fetch....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

More REd Deer Results

Happy Easter to all SAWHDA members today.  Checked the Red Deer results and was happy to see that as of yesterday, the following dog/handler teams had some nice wins!

In conformation, Lore Bruder's pups, Remi and Ginger picked up championship points with BOB and BW and BOS wins. Remi now has 4 points, Ginger 3 and Daisy, also 3.  A good weekend for corgis.

Kerri Miller did really well with the two young Newfs she showed.  Cagney and Dayton's first conformation show... Cagney went BOW/BOS yesterday, over a female special, 3 points.. Dayton got puppy in breed, and had competition to win :) She showed like a rock star, and was certainly in contention for Puppy group. Cagney went BOS/BOW today for 1 point.. the female special was pulled... Dayton was only entered yesterday. YAY Team Castanewf!!!

Congratulations to Maureen and sheltie, Levi, on picking up another leg towards the RAE title with scores of 89 and 92 in Adv. B and Exc. B.  and to Amanda and Brit the BC for picking up a leg in Novice B and second place in the rally ring with 93. 

In the obedience ring, cheers for Amanda and Pixel qualified in Open B!!! Yay!!

I stole the picture from Facebook. 

And Sarah and Gyp finished their Novice B obedience CD with HIgh in Class!!!

And we congratulate Gwen and her awesome Rottie, Logan, for their High in Trial score
out of the open class with 199/200!!!  A fabulous working team.

Please let us know your brags so we can share them with other members.  

If you have a minute, phone Jackie Clemens in Spokane and wish her a happy Easter, too.
She misses us.

The Prez

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Draft Dog Day coming up

                                                                Santa Paws
Tom and Duke 

While preparing notes for our upcoming Draft Dog Workshop on April 29th, I came across some club
photos of various breeds doing draft work.  I hope you enjoy them.  They bring back good memories of
dogs from days gone by.

                                               Donnie and Charlie At  Spruce Meadows
                                                        Janet and Zoda at Bragg Creek
                                                                 Deb and Mike at Bragg Creek
                                                          Mike, built properly to do draft work.

More Red Deer Results

Today in the corgi ring, Lore handled Remi to a BW and BOB win while Daisy took BOS and
Ginger was second.
In the rally ring, Amanda reports that Brit earned her first leg in Rally Novice with 193.
Sarah and Gyp finished the CD title with High in Class.
Vicky's boxer pup, Baron, picked up another 2 points with a BW.
Way to go, team.

The Prez

Friday, April 6, 2012


Mary Ellen and I took some time today to play with her 7 week old German shorthair pups.
Stacking them proved to be some fun all right.  Sylvi was gumby personified. No way were
we able to get all four feet where they belonged at the same time.  Whoever thought people could
work up a sweat trying to stack a puppy??? The boy dog, Ian, was a peach.
We managed a short video or two of them moving as well and thought we'd share our efforts with you.

Red Deer Day One Results

Late-breaking news from Red Deer from Lore and Louann.
Lore's Cardigan corgi puppy, Ginger Echo went Best of Winners, Best of Breed and
Puppy in Breed over her brother, Remington, who settled for Best of Opposite today, 
their first time in the ring.  Lore's Open bitch, Daisy Mae, went Reserve.

Best of luck tomorrow.  And keep us posted.

The Prez

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone

Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend and a happy Easter.
Best of the Best to all of you showing dogs this weekend. 
Welcome home to all snowbirds...
Blue skies and sunshine.
Smiles and laughter.
Green grass and robins.

Remember to renew SAWHDA memberships right away.

Our Draft Dog Seminar April 29th is now full with ten registrations.
Start polishing those harnesses.

The Prez