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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rally results

In checking Canuck dogs points for 2011, it is fabulous to see that the following SAWHDA members are among the top 25 rally dogs in Alberta.

Sharlet and Ryder  #1

Amanda and Wicca #10

Marilee and Alle     #17

Judi and Drummer  #20

Maureen and Levi  #24

Amanda and Pixel  #25

As far as titles and nice wins go, the following handler/dog teams sent in these reports:

Tubby's Newf, Cagney,  earned her U.S. CD. Title with a  H.i.T. and her  Can. C D
with a 2nd and a 3rd in class.

Tina Hasting's sheltie, Jethro, earned his Rally Novice and Rally Advanced titles this year. He received two High Score in Class ribbons and a High Qualifying Score in Breed at the Lethbridge Competition for Rally Advanced. He also got a High Score In Class at the Medicine Hat competition for Rally Novice. 

 MaryEllen's Tessa, Am/Can Ch. Bianca's Reason to Dream,  obtained her  American Rally Novice and Advanced titles - 5 High in Class & a 4th.  Canadian Rally Novice & Advanced Titles.  Adv three high in class, novice two high in class.  Two legs on her Companion Dog title.  Group 2 & Group 1st in conformation.

Lore's Cardigan corgi,Fido, competed at the intermediate level at only four sheep herding trials placed tenth  at the Nationals  and received the Pepsi award.  Also Miss Bonnie was the first Cardigan to receive the "versatility" award in the Cardigan club, titled in three venues.

Jeff & Cheryl's  German shepherd, Brenner,  at Castlegaar, had a Group 1 win under  judge  Ann Hennigan.

 Joan's Belgian,  Bo,  earned his NADAC Novice Hoopers title, &  got his 1st leg on CKC Novice Standard Agility.  Zsuree earned her 1st Ch. points (AKC Aug. WB, and Camrose Oct. BOS, BOW for a major).  Zsuree also earned her CGN at Red Deer in Nov.  Dex earned his Rally Excellent Title at AKC in August. 

Nicole's Bernese Mt. Dog, Sophie got her RE at the beginning of December.

Maureen's sheltie, Levi, got legs 5 and 6th toward her second RAE title and the only other stuff we did was a Rally Novive Title in the US and 1 leg toward her Rally Advance title in the US.  

Darryl's sheltie, Drummer, got his Rally Advanced title, his Scent Hurdle Excellent title and his CGN title. 

Judy's German shepherd, Hunter, got his Rally Advanced with three HIC and a perfect score. 
Swayze has two scores in Excellent Rally, both HIC and one perfect score. Mo is now a Canadian Champion making 3/4 pups from the Busch/Token litter champions. Swayze gained 2 points his first time out. Both Hunter and Drummer have two legs in PreNovice. 

Nancy & Dick's papillons did very well stateside. Brie finished her Am. CD. with a 3rd in a class of 14.  Peter  took Winners Dog in all 4 shows so he now has 12 US points. Brie has her Can. RE as well.

Please keep sending in your information so we can share it here on our blog.

Congratulations to all of you.  What a nice way to end the year.
Good luck in 2012.

The Prez

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pioneer Lodge Senior Centre Visit with Santa Paws

On December 17th, members of SAWHDA took time to visit the senior citizens at the Pioneer Lodge in Fort Macleod for a Christmas photo shoot.   Ten different breeds of dogs were represented.  The entire shoot took four hours in the two venues and through it all the dogs remained surprisingly fresh and definitely patient being in close quarters in unfamiliar surroundings.  Their training and temperaments certainly were tested. 
Thank you to Tubby, Kerri, Shar, Deb, Lore, MaryEllen, Russell, Maureen, Char, Carol and Joan for making this happen!  Once again, a great job!

You are the best!!!         Merry Christmas and we'll see you January 7th at Cowley.

The Prez 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top Rally Dog Alberta 2011

Thank you, Amanda, for letting us know that Sharlet Caroe has the #1 Rally Dog in Alberta!!!   And Congratulations, Sharlet.  What a great team!
The Prez

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

News Stateside

News from Nancy!

Hi Judi and SAWHA members.

Entered in Malibu & Shoreline Kennel Club shows in Costa Mesa CA (Anaheim) and had great weekend.  Had “Peter” in conformation and “Brie” in 2 obed trials on Friday. Long day as were in conformation early in morning then the obed trials in another building in afternoon.  Lots of entries here so one trial about noon and the other finished at 7:30 at night!   (OMG!)

Peter  took Winners Dog in all 4 shows so he now has 12 US points.  First 3 days - 2 pts per day and yesterday only 1 point.  On the first 3 days, the entry was 1 dog short for majors L…then yesterday a couple people pulled so only 1 pt.   Each Club had a Bred By Exhibitor class on one day.  He took that class both days and got a 2nd and a 4th in the  Bred By Toy Group.

They only held 2  Obed Trials… Brie qualified in both..scores ok at 187.5 and 185.  The second trial she was a 3rd in  Nov B Class – 14 entries.  Second judge marked a little harder than first judge as she did much better in 2nd trial but got lower score L  Anyway..she already had one leg to CD so the 2 qualifying scores finished her AM CD.

So..all in all, first shows this year in the south were very successful…   No  more shows till next year – Palm Spring Kennel Club  Indio beginning of January.

Seasons Greetings to everyone.
Nancy & Dick

              Safe travels, good times, & keep in touch, Nancy and Dick.

              The Prez

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Send us your Christmas cards!

Hi, everybody,
 Please send us your Christmas cards so we can post them on our SAWHDA blog and share them with the group. 
We will kick off our Christmas cards with a Merry Christmas from John, Sylvia, Julie, Winston, and Bear (the reindog.)

Merry Christmas to everyone from Darryl & Judi
and the gang at Shadowbar.

Keep the cards coming and we'll keep adding them!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We have managed to catch up with Nancy and Dick Lopaschuk as they travel 
Stateside for the winter. Here is the latest report from Nancy.

We are currently in Anaheim CA. Traveled here the day after the big wind hit
the area.  Trip was interesting because we could not take the route planned
due to the high winds moving east, so we ended up driving though Los
Angeles, LAX, Beverly Hills etc.   Lots of damage in the areas we drove
through but nothing much on freeways.  We also had high winds in some areas
- kinda of scary.          After we left Ventura, we didn't see any RV's on
the freeways - too busy and too much traffic.  We are in a great RV park
with huge spaces, lots of one close our provincial
parks.  It is in the Santa Ana hills right beside the Santa Ana
River..luckily have a hill to protect us.  

Spent first week in Bakersfield CA at Fairgrounds..great place, full
hookups, acres of fenced grass, 24 hour security etc.  Dog shows are held
there but when we were there, no one there except for the workers.  Was like
having our own private campground...dogs loved to run in circles on the
grass (supervised of course) Usually, we go there so Dick can work on
reports due by end of November.  Nice & quiet and close to shopping. After
leaving Bakersfield, we went to Paso Robles (wine country) near the coast
(mid way down CA).  There was a show there but we weren't entered so just
visited with dog show friends.  Stayed a week..lovely place - population
less than Cranbrook and there are 290 wineries and wine tasting places. No
we didn't visit them all...just one.

We are green with envy here in the Great White North.  Good luck at the upcoming shows with all the dogs and Brie in particular.  Take care.  And keep us in touch.
The Prez