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The Gang
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Fort Macleod's Santa Claus Parade

My, my, did we ever look spiffy in the Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade on Saturday!  Sixteen members attended the event.  Thanks to Rick and Lore Bruder, we had access to a beautiful 24 foot dove-tail flat deck as our float.  Easy to decorate with some garland, and a banner and awesome dogs and people as riders.  We were sooo grateful because although there was no snow, the temperature reflected the fact that Winter has arrived. 

Our cart dog and walking unit led the way, followed by the float and then a new attraction!!!!  Donna brought her mini's.  Too cool.  

As usual, many of us headed to the Community Hall to shop for Christmas presents and baking at the Craft Fair.
Never a disappointment. Got the Christmas pudding, and two little Christmas themed scarves for two little dogs.

Thank you to everyone for coming and making the day a wonderful memory…… 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coming Events …...

Coming events……..

          Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade is Saturday!!! Meet at the A & W parking lot.  Our float will be parked in the large lot next to the Sunset Motel.  We would appreciate some help setting up before we move it to our parade site… 100 block and 15th Street.

          We have booked the Cowley Hall on Sunday, December 15, for Christmas K9 games and a get-together.  Hoping you can attend.

          Due South will not  be seent hurdle racing on December 14th, but we have a full contingent for the AKC on Saturday, January 18th.

           The Prez

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Results and pics from Lethbridge

To begin with, we must thank the Lethbridge club for all their hard work in putting together another successful show. A handful of dedicated workers and we appreciate it all!!!

Congratulations to Lore and her dogs, Remi, Daisy-May, and Ginger on the nice work in the performance ring.  

Remi:  finished his Advanced Rally title and his CGN, one leg on his Excellent Rally
Ginger: finished her Advanced Rally title and Her CGN
Daisy-May; Finished her Excellent Rally title with high herding breed

Drover,  another one of the cardigan gang, at the hands of Bryn ( 10 years old) got her CGN and improved at her Pre novice so much between Friday and Sunday it was amazing.  Although she did not pass she went from almost no score to not passing by 2.  for a 10 year old I thought that was pretty amazing.

Fido, co-owned by Gloria Graham, picked up three points in the conformation ring. 

Ginger and Remi 


Congratulations to Sharlet and Justice, her German shepherd puppy handled by Larry Clark to 3 Best of Breed wins,  2 more Puppy Groups, and a Group 4 win in the adult conformation.  Justice sits at 7 points.


Congratulations to Judy Hunt and Kona, flat-coat retriever on a wonderful win!
After three days of competition, Kona not only achieved her CD title but she also won the High Aggregate trophy and gets to keep it for an entire year!  
Kona was also smokin' hot in the Scent Hurdle on Saturday night!


Happy for Judi and Drummer Boy, sheltie owned by Darryl Snowdon. Drummer qualified twice in the Open A obedience ring and picked up High in Class for his efforts.
Drummer was a rock star in the scent hurdle Saturday.  Noisy though.


Castle set the bar for the CGN participants on Friday night giving an absolutely unflappable performance for judges Andrea Knibbs and Bill Nykiel. 
Judi was so proud of him.

Thanks, Sylvia, for helping prepare him for this.
Now he can go visiting to the Seniors' lodges as a canine visitor.

Huge thanks to the Due South Scent Hurdle team of Julie, Betty, Jagged, Max, Drummer, Kona and Sport for a valiant effort on Saturday.
We came in third place!  
Most of the time, the dogs were solid and focused, despite the noise and chaos of the moment.
We will continue to practice over the winter.  The sport really lets the dogs rip after a hard day of dog show competition.  Gotta love it. 

See you all at the Fort Macleod A & W on Saturday, November 30th at 10:00 a.m..
Those riding on the float should bring a blanket or quilt in case the weather is inclement.
Lore says that there will be bales of hay to sit on and music to sing along with. 
Carol, Tubby, Nikki and I will bring cart dogs. 

The Prez

Monday, November 18, 2013

LDKC brag requests and "Judging of the Jump exercises"

First of all, congratulations to everyone who gained points or legs towards their next titles and to those who reached new titles!!!

 What a wonderful show to attend.  The Lethbridge Club members truly go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome at their show.  The set-up for the rings is super, with conformation at one end of the building and obedience at the other.  YUM is all I can say about the concession.  Wow!!! Good food.

Please send all your brags to me asap and pics if you have them so I can post them on line.

The Prez  

Also, as a CKC Rally O judge, I would like to share the following with our club members in regards to judging the jump exercises in Advanced and Excellent Rally O.

“8.10   Scoring (all classes):
Non-qualifying (NQ) scores shall be given for:
  •      bar knocked off the uprights of jump
  •      using a jump as an aid in going over a jump
  •      failure of dog to go over jump in the proper direction
No retry will be permitted for any error that results in a non-qualifying score

Appendix B
  #34 - Send Over Jump, Handler Passes ByWhile moving with the dog in heel position, the handler directs the dog to take the jump, as the handler passes by the jump without stopping.  
When the dog has competed the jump in the proper direction, it is called to heel position and the team continues to the next exercise."
For example, if the dog attempts to go around the jump but is blocked by the handler stopping to make it jump, or if the handler has to stop and coach the dog to jump, or if the dog merely goes around the jump to follow the handler, or the dog goes under the bar jump, a "Non-qualifying (NQ)" score should be given, not an "Incorrectly performed (IP)" 10 point deduction.

I hope this clarifies any discrepancies you may have found in judging previous to knowing this.

The Pres

Friday, November 8, 2013

Poodles rule.

Say, gang,  we need to congratulate Laura and Max on being the number one rally obedience dog in Alberta and number one miniature poodle in rally in Canada.  Ev's standard poodle, Ashton, is right behind them.  Here are the Rally O standings provided by Laura...

According to Max is currently the #1 Rally dog in Alberta, and the # 1 Min Poodle in Canada!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Congratulations to Judy Hunt!  Maisy is now a Canadian Champion.  Whoooo hoooo.  And to Laura Scherle and her wonderdog, Max,  nice to see him stacking up those double Q's in Rally Obedience…. RAE IV!!!!!  Way to be…

 Hope to see everyone on Sunday, November 10th at the Cowley Hall.  

We start with Obedience at 9:30 and break for scent hurdle practice at 10:30.

Then on to Rally Obedience and an opportunity to get help with any CGN exercise
you might wish to do.

Everyone welcome…. $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

Note:  We are taking 2014 memberships now.

The Prez 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rally results from Sit Happens!!!

Hi, Everybody,
 We have received emails from those competing in the Sit Happens! WCR obedience trials in Calgary and the group from the South did especially well.  Huge scores and huge ribbons to mark wins and titles.

From Sylvia, who had Julie entered both days all levels, and Oscar entered FEO, the following news:

" Julie had a great weekend!  She Q’d in 11 runs out of 12!  All our scores were good, and one of these days we will get that elusive 210.  Scores for the weekend were two 209’s, 208, 207, 206, 205, 202, two 199’s, 198, 196, and 195.  Julie earned 3 QQ’s towards her next ARCH, way to go Julie!

Poor Oscar was totally overwhelmed, but there were moments of greatness!  I will work really hard this winter at home and at Cowley Hall to have him more prepared for the March trial.  The girls at Sit Happens were so good to us letting me run Oscar FEO style to make it a good experience for him on his first trial and time in the ring."

From Jenn, who had smoking' performances all weekend with both her dogs, Abby and Spencer, the report………..

"Well I would say it was a good weekend!!! Picked up my ARCH ribbon which I won last year also possibly got my ARCH X title this weekend but also got high scoring team in 1B, 2B, 3B on Saturday and got high scoring team in trial class B for the weekend! So chuffed with my girl and well Spencer he got his personal best high score of a 208!!!!! So happy with my kids!"

Denise and Jagged had excellent performances as well for the entire weekend. No report just yet.

And, last of all,  Drummer and Castle worked just super for Judi.  Drummer was in Level 1 'A' and he received a score of 209/210 from Judge Kim Wells.  Good enough for first place and High in Class as well.
Castle was right on his heels with a second place in Level 1 'A' and a score of 203/210.  Good
show, boys!!

Thank you to John for taking the photos of everyone, and to Sit Happens! for putting on this trial.
We will see you in the spring of 2014….

The Prez

Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Place in the Time to Beat Agility Run

Denise, Jagged and Spanx have spent the better part of the month in the United States competing and training in agility.
Now that they are home, Denise has found time to send us this report of the action.

"The 2013 Doberman National held in Pomona, California was absolutely spectacular!  Jagged and I (and Spanx as support crew) got to enjoy beautiful LA while competing in AKC Agility. 
Our entire trip was amazing including training with Craig French on the way down (and back) in Oregon, fabulous weather for the full 8 days, friends who share the love of this incredible breed and too many fabulous memories to count.
In spite of an injury due to a chute that was tangled in Helena, Mt the weekend before we went to California, Jagged still gave her all, as she always does! Several chiropractic adjustments and anti-inflammatories kept my little girl running and doing her best to please me.  She had the winning Time 2 Beat run on Sunday and we were fortunate enough to be invited to run in the “Weave Pole Knockout Challenge” during the “Top Twenty” event on Tuesday night.  Jagged had the 2nd fastest time, beaten by her nephew Tex (CH. Montwood Arista Texas Holdem) by .27 of a second!"

Doberman National 2013 Pomona, California
Jagged in Time 2 Beat Sunday Oct. 13 – 2013
Q / First Place

Doberman National – Weave Pole Knockout Challenge
Doberman National – Weave Pole Knockout
Jagged and Tex
Congratulations to both of you!!!!!!

The Prez 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ain't We Got Fun!!

Finally got the right picture of the 'gang' at Heritage Acres.
What a super time we had and the crowd enjoyed us immensely.


Great Turn Out for SAWHDA Club Day Activities

We had a great turnout for our SAWHDA Club Day yesterday with 12 people and 20 dogs taking part in our events.... scent hurdle, WCRally O, obedience, and a mock CGN course.
I have to say how proud I was of all the dogs, especially during the mock CGN. 

 Sylvia had a great time being the evaluator for the greeting, the petting, the examination, and the grooming portions of the test.  Both Lore's dogs just loved Sylvia and wanted to jump up to greet her to match her enthusiasm.  Sylvia's statement when we commented on how the dogs were so wanting to engage her attention????  "I'm just too darn friendly!!"

Laura and Max were just the right pair for the distraction dog/handler portion. Max was great until Castle and I came to that part of the test and then Max recognized the 'treat' lady and just about came apart.

For our crowd test, we tried to simulate a busy airport setting people walking back and forth carrying crates and rolling briefcases. And for the noisy distraction, we had a disorderly drunk weaving her way half walking, half running with her suitcase banging along behind her.  No pictures, unfortunately.
The only dog phased by this part of the test was Joan's puppy, Ginnie, who set up a wail of distress from her crate when Dani was doing his best to ignore the distraction.  I had to go over to the pup's crate and offer cookies as a puppy distraction.  

I would say that all the dogs that went through the course would have a very good chance of passing the real thing. The biggest problem was with the young dogs not being able to maintain focus for the 'obedience' part of the test.  With a bit of practice, they, too, will do just fine.

I really liked the fact that the dogs did so nicely waiting for their owners to go through the door before coming through themselves.  Pretty impressive.

The food was yummy as usual and everyone enjoyed it.  We talked about the Fort Macleod Santa Claus parade and decided that we would put in the huge flat deck with at least 12 dogs on it, and that we would have some of us cart with our dogs.  I will put in the entry right away.  The date is November 30th.

I have put in a request for our next club date to be Saturday, November 10th and we do realize that some of our members will be taking in the Camrose show at that time, but it will give the rest of us a welcome opportunity to practice rally, scent, and obedience just before the LDKC show.

Good luck to those of you who are traveling to Calgary for the Sit Happens! WCR obedience trials next weekend.  Fun for all. 

Last of all, thank you to everyone who pitched in to roll up mats and clean up after our club day.  Being one-winged, I was very little help.









Monday, October 7, 2013

First Club Day a Success

Thank you to Sylvia Howard for a very informative workshop on WCR.  We had a great time!  Having someone who is active in the sport is really great because we get current information.  You answered all our questions and gave us the opportunity to try a Level I course and a bonus exercise as well.  I think we were all pretty impressed with our dogs.  I watched every dog/handler team go through and they were all very much on the way to being able to do a Level I at the very least.
That said, we will definitely get our group prepared to do the March trial at Sit Happens!
And good luck to those of us who are entered the October 26/27 weekend.

Thanks to everyone who brought yummy goodies!

Congratulations are in order to Carol and Emily for their success in the Xtreme Gater ring last weekend.   This should be Emily's title. Emily, who is is the greatest performer, gives the crowd such enjoyment. To Joan and her dogs for their Q's in agility as well.  Dani was right on the money from the sounds of it!  To Darryl and Betty (the Princess) for not only adding two U.S. agility titles to their wall of fame, but doing it with a first place and a smile!!!   To Donnie and Zydeco for ring craft and enjoying being together.
To Drummer for gaining his Scent Hurdle Masters title, his Herding Started title and his Started Stockdog Title.

Thanks to the Lethbridge Scent Hurdle members who came out to race and help us test out our newest members, Donna and Sporty, her Belgian.  We had a great time.  It was good for our dogs to race with members of another team, too, as they had to work in spite of having new dogs running with them.
(Drummer couldn't say enough about Kort being on his team...... )

Our next Club Day is Saturday, October 19th and our agenda should look something like this:

9:30 :    scent hurdle racing

10:15 :   information on CGN tests and a practice run at some of the exercises

11:00 :   rally obedience beginning with novice

11:00:    obedience beginning with Open ..... Novice.... other
              NOTE*** the obedience exercises are not a dog by dog run-through of the open exercises.
              We will be doing the exercises as a group where possible. So for the drop on recall, we will all
               be doing the drop on recall, only one at a time.
               We will all be doing the fetch on the flat, only one at a time.  Etc.

Hope you can make it.  The food's always good.

The Prez

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Re: Dogs coming to Canada update

The CKC, our members and exhibitors yesterday expressed concern with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s recent revisions to the regulations around Importing or Travelling with Domestic Dogs for Commercial Purposes. ...

And a note from my friend, Adam, who works at Coutts Border Crossing.

Hey Judi,

You basically hit the nail on the head. The essence of the CFIA legislation when it comes to our canine friends is aimed at forcing “rescue” organizations to follow some simple rules. As of now, many of these rescues are not following these guidelines. We have also run into major issues with regard to humane transportation. It is the basic view of many of us that there are already a large number of animals in Canada up for adoption.

In the end, if a person was set on a particular breed to rescue from the USA (such as greyhounds), the “pre-adoption” method is preferable. If the person adopting the animal has already filled out the adoption paperwork and paid any fees involved, then basically the animal is considered a personal pet. If the person adopting the animal will not be the one transporting their new pet across the border, a simple letter of authorization, along with the relevant paperwork would suffice.

The legislation is not intended to impede owners and organizations from competing in shows and trials south of the line. Your dog is, however, considered to be a “commercial” dog in this case. All you need is the regular health and rabies certificates and proof of registration in the event you had attended.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Feel free to share this communication with your colleagues!

Adam Vastenhout
Border Services Officer
Customs Operations
Port of Coutts, AB

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Corgis on Vacation

California dreamin'  on the beach with Brazil and Never!  A well-deserved getaway to the Western United States by Mike and LouAnn for a few weeks, complete with sandy beaches and warm water.  Check out the sandals!!!  I have my winter boots on stand-by, for Heaven's sakes.

Can't wait to hear about the entire escapade!

  Gotta love the reflection.  

Walking on water? ?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coming to Canada to Show a Dog

 Check it out.  When Shar and I crossed the border to come home with Justice, we were asked if the dog was for show or competition.  Of course he was just a 'pet' then.

 Subject: Importing or Travelling with Domestic Dogs for Commercial Purposes (Show/Obedience/Tests) - Animals - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Heads up, all our American dog exibitor friends - the Canadian government have just thrown another roadblock in your path to exhibiting in Canada. Show dogs are now deemed 'commercial' dogs - please read this carefully.
This is effective November 1, 2013. Please don't shoot the messenger!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Herding Showcase Winner!!!

  Congratulations to Lore Bruder and her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Daisy-May, on winning the prestigious CKC Herding Showcase held on Vancouver Island at Cobble Hill, B.C.  This team's consistency in handling challenging courses in a calm, even manner, produced the scores necessary to win not only a large Herding Started Course, but the Entire Showcase, proving that hard work and dedication to the sport pays off.

   There are three levels in the Canadian Kennel Club Herding Trials;  Herding Started, Herding Intermediate, and Herding Advanced.  Course difficulty increases at  each level.  Dog/handler teams need to receive three qualifying scores under two judges in order to receive a title.  The averages of the scores are recorded during the year, and the top ten dogs with the highest average in each of the competition levels are invited to enter the Herding Showcase!

  Lore and Daisy-May were among the top ten in the Herding Started Class.  The dogs had three trial attempts to gain the highest average in the Showcase.  Each trial is judged simultaneously by two CKC Herding Judges, and this year, judges Lynn Leach and Gloria Graham, awarded Lore and Daisy-May the Highest Score in the Herding Started Class and also the Highest Scoring Team in the entire Showcase, over some stiff competition. 
 We are extremely proud of this team and can't wait to see them in Intermediate in the next year.

  Judges Lynn Leach and Gloria Graham with Daisy-May and Lore.

Note... Daisy-May, not Daisy-Mae.