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The Gang
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Luck

Good luck and best wishes to all of you who are heading to the show in Edmonton. May you take the points over specials! May you place first in all you performance classes! May you see old friends and make some new ones. May you have a safe trip and a great time! Merry Xmas from Lundbreck .... yes, we have snow. My horse is in his blanket again.

Home again

For those who have not heard, Darryl Snowdon suffered a fall May 14th which landed him in Foothills and then Lethbridge Regional Hospitals with a break in his back, a cracked rib, and a fractured pelvis. He was sent home today, 17 days from the date of the accident. He must not bear weight on his right leg and hip for four more weeks and is using a walker and crutches (mostly a walker) to get around the house. He will be duck taped to the wall each morning before I leave for work so that he stays out of trouble.
It has been a whirlwind of events here and I thank Deb and Sharlet for helping with the kennel end of things and for their visits to Darryl at the hospital. I couldn't cope without you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Good luck in the Hat

Good luck to all SAWHDA members as they make their way to Medicine Hat for Agility and Flyball. Joan, Lore, and I are off to High River to run sheep in the rain. Carol and Tubby are off to a carting, rally O, agility day and Maureen is visiting family. Happy birthday to Deb and thanks to her and to Shar for looking after the gang at Shadowbar and visiting Darryl in the hospital. Lee is looking after Alyson while she recuperates from dental work.
Huge thanks to Russell, Barb, Nancy, Shirley and Marilyn for putting on some fun events at the Humane Society Dog Walk last weekend.
Enjoy your weekend. Send pics and results.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Medicine Hat Dog Show

Wowee, everyone. We did so well this weekend at the Hat. Amanda and Wicca got a perfect score and HIC for their performance Sunday in Rally Excellent. Wicca now has two legs towards her RE title.

Shar showed Mesa and got three legs towards her RAE Title and three legs on her own dog, Ryder, towards his second RAE title! And in the Excellent class, she and Mesa scored 99/100 right behind Amanda and Shar only got bitten five times throughout the course! Amazing!

Lee & Hank's Bess gained another leg towards her RAE title with a 99/100 in her advanced class.

Judy Hunt's Roxy got a High in Class on the Friday with a 91. The next day she finished

her Novice title with a 96. Judy decided to move her up on Sunday to Advanced

but who knew she would get so excited about a couple of food bowls on the

floor! Eventually she completed that station and the other station with a

wildly wagging tail and managed to squeak by with a 71.

Sarah and Kaleb had a 2nd and third placement in their Rally Advanced Class with 99/100 and 97/100. This gives Kaleb his second leg in RA. Good show!

Jolene and Kort got their first leg towards RN with 99/100 and bonus.......... Kort, shown by Tammy Sawatsky, finished his Canadian Championship!

Vicky and Claire also qualified in their Rally Novice but I have no score. The performance was beautiful. And in the conformation ring, Claire and Vicky looked fabulous. They came away with BOS but to watch them go around together was a joy. Claire has such confidence now it is wonderful to see.

Lore and Bonnie finished their RE title much to Lore's relief. It is now on to herding! Watch out sheepies. The wooly bully is back!!!

Mary Ellen's GSP pups both got a point towards their Canadian Championships and both showed very well. It was Beamer's first experience ever at a dog show and he wiggled his way through it all. Mary Ellen showed Deb's shepherd, Walker, in conformation and took Best of Winners and Best of Opposite on Sunday for a point. I showed Shaggy in the Bred By Class and then handed her off to friend, Larry Clark, who took Best of Breed each day with her as well as placing in the Group twice with a group four and a group three Saturday and Sunday. What a weekend!

Amanda's young dog Pixel earned her Rally Novice title in three straight trials. This was her very first show and she did a great job.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pics of fun match

Pictures of the Fun Match at Paws on the Run last weekend. Happy people and dogs.

Monday, May 3, 2010

More wins for SAWHDA members!

This weekend Robert Frost with Beemer and MaryEllen Whyte with Cheyenne and Tessa entered the Calgary Pointing Dog Club Jr. Field Dog trials at Cochrane under judges Bill Jenkins, Larry Konschuh and Jim Dyell. The results were wonderful!

On May 1st Beemer, handled by Robert, scored 78 to gain the first leg of his Field Dog Junior title. Cheyenne, handled by MaryEllen, gained a score of 91 to take second place for her first leg. And Tessa, Beemer's sister, learned about birds!

On May 2nd Beemer got his second passing mark with a score of 84 while Cheyenne took High in Class with her second leg and a score of 96/100!!! Show dogs CAN work.

Tessa did better but her point did not gain marks so she came away with some good practice work.

We are really proud of these team members because once again, they show the versatility of their breed and also the natural instinct for doing the job for which they've been bred. Good on ya, MaryEllen and Robert.

By now, those of us who are entered in Medicine Hat should have received confirmation of our entries. Good luck to everyone!

the prez

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fun Match was fun

Travelled to Lethbridge for a fun match yesterday and had a wonderful time. Got to watch some very nice performances, too.
Very impressive.... very few glitches. Loved the obedience but even more, loved the individual handler's methods of communicating with their dogs in the rally. That Amanda is just as 'bent' as someone else I know when it comes to making challenging courses. PHeW! Loved it. We shared ideas on what we might be able to do to improve each others' performances and that is the best thing about being part of a large club. Everyone has something to offer.

Drummer got to see his brother (who cares says he) who is so handsome and quiet and calm (who cares he says again) and Andrea was kind enough to glue Drum's ears again ( I care says he.... who has to sit still for more than a second) and he looks very, very cute. Of course, he knew most of the people and dogs at the fun match so he was able to maintain his status as the 'greeter'. He did a sweet job of the exercises he knew in rally and was very treat focused (oh, I love shelties) and it is so easy to train the little dog compared to the dog whose head is armpit level. Drummer learned to sit on the couch. (Not a good thing.)

Swayze was a bit unfocused but good enough overall to be in rally advanced. He is a good boy.

Ryder had a really nice day with smooth runs in both novice and advanced/excellent.

Mesa was a pain, preferring to play with Shar's pant leg and nip her on all the spirals. What a nut. Look out Medicine Hat.

Bess was completely on task in rally O with just a bit of banging against me as she adjusted to my pace. She can finish her RAE if she gives the same performance for real. And her times are simply smokin' compared to my dogs.

All in all, Iwe were soooooooo happy to be able to work our dogs at Paws on the Run!!!

More fun to come. Gail, Shar and I had supper at Mocha Cabana and ordered sweet potato fries. Now, I've had this dish at various restaurants, but Mocha Cabana is the best of the best, believe me.

Came home to wonderful news from Mary Ellen and Robert who attended a Jr. Field dog test this weekend in Cochrane.
Although Tessa didn't pass her test, she did a good job locating the birds. Cheyenne passed her test with a 91 score, good enough for second place; and Beamer, Robert's dog, passed his test to get his first leg towards a Jr. Field dog. Mary Ellen says that he did some really nice pointing and she will give us a picture. The shorthairs have been posing and posing for the camera lately as they are entering the US circuit in June. Pretty picture of Tessa provided here.

Enjoy your weekend. Sorry. No club available next Sunday due to Mother's Day..... but anyone who wishes to get together for a practice is certainly invited to come to Shadowbar. We can work on the kennel pad or in the pasture. Obedience. Let me know so I don't take off herding.