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The Gang
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Fun Day at Cowley

Just got the photos from our Christmas Fun Day... thank  you so much, Lore. 
We really had a great day, from the games at the Cowley Hall to the luncheon put on by the Back Country Outhouse Restaurant in Cowley.  
Congrats, Lore, on winning the 50/50 prize!!!  Our part of the winnings will go towards our Christmas do for 2015!!!
Enjoy the pictures and remember to pay your 2015 membership asap so you can also enjoy the discounts for club days and workshops.

Novel Rally is nothing like Novice Rally.

Every exercise is  proofing for your dog and entertainment for the rest of us.

Here's Carol doing the hula hoop exercise while Emily sits in wonder....

                               Getting the dog to step up onto an inverted                                bowl was more difficult than it seemed.

Recall through the 'narrows' and 
then handler returns to heel.

We even offered a chance for dogs to do some
'nosework' and all of them had successful strikes on box #3!!

Easy to see that we are an easy-going group.  Check out the dogs' posture.  So relaxed.

Bailey was the entertainment for the day!  She was soooo excited to do the go-back to the treat bowl that she lost her cool and tore through the door, onto the stage, off the stage, across the hall and ended up with her feet on the kitchen counter!!!  Here she is barking at Nikki because she thinks heeling is over-rated.

 Once again, it is good practice for dog shows to have your dogs relax while waiting for their turn in the ring.  Here are Tubby's dogs waiting patiently for their turns.

 We had a flyable machine and a pitching machine set up so dogs could try out their luck at catching a ball.  Justice was not about to share his ball with Shar.


Once the games were done, our band of merry-makers moved to the Back Country Outhouse Restaurant for an enjoyable catered Christmas dinner.   Fun, good friends, and lots of laughter accompanied the meal and it was great to have everyone together.

Moira and Leo, host to "Top of the World" summer party, joined the fun, having just returned from a tour of Europe.

The last 50/50 draw of the year was won by Lore and it was over $50!!  Not bad for a little club.

As the old year comes to a close, and we focus on the new, may all of our members find peace, health, and happiness in 2015!

God Bless.

Thursday, December 4, 2014