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The Gang
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Friday, May 23, 2014

New Jackets for Scent Hurdle Team

Huge thanks to Gwen Unrau for undertaking the sewing of new jackets for our Due South Dogs!!
The jackets will be ready for our race dates in Lethbridge June 6/7.  Can't wait to try them on.
As well, our handlers will be sporting new white pinnies  (like the ones the handlers in specialties wear) with Due South embroidered on them.
With our scent hurdle rules looking at other dogs being allowed to run with our team in times of need, we can now offer the new dog's handler a bib to put over his original team outfit and he will become a Due South member just like that.  Magic.
 I am looking into having crests of our  SAWHDA logo made so we can have those sewn on the bibs, too.
 Hope some of you can make the practice and fun day at Shadowbar May 31st.  Last chance before the  show.

Happy to see that we will have a good number of team dogs racing at Lethbridge.  Beautiful venue.

The Prez

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clap for the Cardi's and BC's

Hands together for Lore and Daisy May and Remi as they attended the Dave And Trudy Vickland clinic and the AHBA sheep trials at Watrous, Saskatchewan, last weekend. And what a weekend. 
Despite the rainy conditions, Daisy May finished her Level  1 arena title with a High in Trial, and then completed her Level 1 stockdog title as well. Remi picked up one score in each class at the level 1. Fido got his title for level 1 stockdog and a leg on level 2. and went on to complete his level 2 arena title with ..... A High in Trial!  What a rush!!
Congratulations,, Lore!!!

Amanda is pleased as can be with the awesome performance in the field trials at Okotoks, this weekend.  Brit worked with some very tough sheep and held her ground and Leo managed to pen his sheep and get a first place in his class!!!  Working two dogs with such different personalities is taxing and Amanda manages to have just the balance needed to make it happen.

Look out sheeps!!!!

The Prez

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sad News

Lifetime Member, Kevin George of Sentry Dogs Ltd., suffered a massive Stroke on Friday. The prognosis is very dire, where his time is limited to be with us, we hope that you will keep Kevin in your prayers.
Should you care to visit, Kevin is at the University Hospital, Cardiac Unit 5A6, Room 24, visitors are welcome 24 hours a day.
Please call Wanda first before you stop by780-240-5002.

Kevin over the years was known to be one of Canada's top and most knowledgeable dog trainers and handlers over the years. He was instrumental in training many of our local Bouviers in Obedience, Agility, Poison Proofing, Tracking and Personal Protection work. He also trained the Bouviers at the Storyland Valley Zoo and was in charge for many years training the Edmonton City Police dogs. He was Awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership with the Alberta Bouvier des Flandres Club, had judged our Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes and sponsored the Trophy in conjunction with the Shirdan Award .
Those of us who attended Kevin's Search and Rescue seminar at the College in Lethbridge will forever recall the fun we had and the energy Kevin put into his work.

The Prez

Mission Impossible

Sorry to have to tell our SAWHDA members that we have decided to rethink our plan to host a WCR APDT Rally obedience trial here in the South. 

We feel that the expense of hosting this single event will interfere with our ability to hold other events.  And therefore, we encourage all WCR members to support the Sit Happens! trials in the Fall of 2014.
Once again, keep checking our blog for information on coming events of interest.

Our Draft Dog clinic on May 24th is now full and participants can expect agendas, receipts, and directions to the venue within the week.
May 31st , Obedience, Scent hurdle practice, and Rally Obedience fun outdoors at Shadowbar
begins at 9:30 with scent hurdle, all levels of progress, followed by obedience and rally.
Bring lawn chairs.  Please let us know if you are able to attend so we can plan our snacks.....

The Prez