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The Gang
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lethbridge Kennel Club Dog Show Pics

Thank you, Gail, for sending us pics of our dogs at the show!!!
High in Class!!! Spiral left at a brisk pace.

Airborn!! Waiting their turn. Qualifiers in Excellent!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Special very special post!!!!!!

You may have thunk (thinked? )thought, yes, thought that we forgot to mention two very special awards presented Sunday at Rally O in Lethbridge. We did not. These two awards were even more special than the rest because one of them belonged to Joan and Bo, who is her senior Belgian, yet had the fastest time and a perfect score of 100 to finish his Rally O Excellent title, and the other belonged to a little dog who has waited a long time to gain enough confidence to enter the Rally ring and was rewarded with a perfect score of 100 in Rally Novice. Louann and Never did it! Never say never. What a special team! Good on ya.
We all toast both teams.

Lethbridge Dog Show Wins

Hi, everyone,

What a fabulous weekend for SAWHDA members at the Lethbridge & District Kennel Club Dog Show. On Saturday, in Rally Novice B under Judge Judith Snowdon, Louann and Never scored 89. In Advanced B, Maureen and Levi scored 95, and Shar and Ryder scored 93. Joan and Dex received a score of 89 and the High in Class went to Denise and Jagged with a score of 98.

In Rally Excellent, Louann and Brazil scored 70, Maureen and Levi picked up their fourth passing scores towards their RAE with a score of 75, Shar and Ryder picked up their eighth score towards their RAE with 91, Denise and Jagged picked up their first leg of RAE with 93, and the class was deservedly won by Tubby and Lexi, whose smooth, even performance was so nice to see.

Joan and Dex got a leg towards the CD title, while Bode not only gained another leg towards his CD, but took High in Class and High in Trial to do it! What a team! Bode is here from Stateside to pick up some titles and run home for Christmas. WE, of course, feel that Bode makes a really good Canuck dog so why even bother to return him, EH?

On Sunday , Denise and Jagged were on track with a double perfect score in Rally Advanced and Excellent! Two scores towards Rally AE! Maureen and Levi are at five scores for their RAE.
Shar and Ryder are sitting on 9 legs towards their RAE and are determined to be the first SAWHDA team to reach that pinnacle.

Mary Ellen was proud of Mo in the conformation ring as he behaved himself and had a good time.

Gail took some cool pictures and will email them to me asap so keep looking at the site for updates.

We are very happy to hear that Lee is home from a stay in the hospital! Low blood pressure and high heart beat don't make good partners.

We are off to Calgary this weekend to show the Shag! Wish us luck while you are doing the eChristmas hop down the streets of Fort Macleod. Remember to meet at the A&W at 10 O'clock to join the group and walk to the start. Theme this year is O Xmas Tree.


Friday, November 13, 2009

CGN grads!!!!

We had a wonderful turnout for the SAWHDA CGN tests today at Lundbreck, AB. Judges Andrea Knibbs and Bill Nykiel decided that 12/16 dogs would gain their CGN titles today.

The following dogs were deemed to be Good Canine Neighbors:

Mo Jo Owner: Russell & Marilyn Lee

Kipper Owner: Barb Blachford

Alf Owner: Dale and Nancy Keenan

Bess Owner: Lee & Hank Hargreaves

Walker Owner: Deb Golding

Fyre Owner: Deb Golding

Swayze Owner: Judith Snowdon

Mesa Owner: Judith Snowdon

Token Owner: Judith Snowdon

Pixel Owner: Amanda Labadie

Spirit Owner: Donna McLaughlin

Violet Owner: Donna McLaughlin

Thank you to Cathy, Jenn, Gerry, Dorothy, Shar, and Ryder for working all day and cheering all the participants along. Thank you to everyone who came from out of town to make our day such a success. Thank you to Shar and Deb for setting up and taking down. Phew!!!

Thank you to Bill and Andrea for donating their fee to the Pincher Creek Humane Society!!!!

Thank you to my dogs for making it look easy. How lucky am I!

Pictures tomorrow.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Practice

Hello, hello.

A reminder that our Canine Good Neighbor test is this coming Saturday, November 14th at the LUNDBRECK HALL, with check-in and registration at 9:30 a.m.
I will be sending out the confirmation letters today for those who have pre-registered. Cost for registering after Nov. 1st is $25/dog.


We have rented the Cowley Hall for Sunday, November 15th for obedience and rally practice. We would like to start with
obedience at 9:30 a.m. and follow this schedule:

Entire hall:
  • 20 minutes free for heeling practice.
  • group sits/downs pre-nov. - nov. open.
1/2 hall
  • utility glove work (American or Canadian)
  • pre-novice circle left/right
  • novice figure 8's
  • open figure 8's
Other 1/2 hall
  • pre-novice sit for exam exercises
  • novice stand for exam exercises
  • utility moving stand for exam exercise
  • signal exercises
Entire hall
  • recalls
  • jump practice (broad, bar, high)
  • retrieve practice (on flat..... over high jump)
  • go backs
  • directed jumps
  • scent discrimination

11:30 Rally Obedience

Entire Hall: drill in rally heeling exercises and turns. (Lines).

****** I need to know how many are wanting a Novice course or should I begin with an Advanced course? Remember, it is up to handlers whether or not to use the leash. ******* Let me know.

1:00 p.m.

Scent hurdle practice: basics only
  • recalls over jumps/ dogs do not need to know how to fetch for this part.
  • send-away's to box/ dogs do not need to know how to fetch for this part.
  • fetch from box..... one dumbbell and dog at a time.
  • handler's request
Cost: members ...... $5.00 Non--members ....... $10.00
Membership for 2010 available for $20.00

See you there!!!


SAWHDA rocked at Red Deer

Hi, Everyone!
Home from Red Deer with new titles and High in Class awards and Perfect Scores for SAWHDA members.
We ended the weekend with our members taking 1-4th in the Excellent Class. Joan and Beau had a perfect score and finished their Excellent Title with a High in Class. Right behind them were Mary Ellen and Grace, with 99 and a Rally Excellent Title as well. Simon and Tubby and Shar and Ryder had 98 for third and fourth place.
Shar now has 7 runs towards her RAE.
Amanda and Wicca had two perfect scores in Advanced and High in Class on Saturday!
In the conformation ring, Mary Ellen handled Mo to a one point win. On to Lethbridge with that plan.
Joan's Belgian, Dex, got his first 2 legs on his Rally Advanced, Bode , the Berner, garnered 5 pts. towards his Cdn. Ch. with Kerri at the helm, and he earned his first Rally Advanced leg with Carol. We hope he can stay in the Great White North for a bit longer.
Please send results to me if you would like them posted to SAWHDA blog.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

APDT Rally Trial at Sit!!

Hi, all,
This weekend, Denise, with Viper and Jagged, Russell with Mojo, Shar with Ryder and I with Token ventured to Sit Happens! in Calgary for their APDT trials.
Denise and her dogs were absolutely flawless with fabulous scores; some High in Class with both dobes. And both of the dogs finished their Level 3 titles as well.
Shar got her first Level two leg with Ryder and a third place finish.
Russell qualified three for three and finished with his Level 1 title! He and Mojo entered a Level two round for the experience and had a blast.
Token qualified in both Level two rounds to gain her Level two title and then entered the Level 3 arena and got a leg towards that level as well. Had she left me at home, she would have been much better off, believe me. I need duct tape to prevent me from double-commanding. Too much CKC in me, I'm afraid.
Russell arrived Saturday in full hippy regalia and Shar and I showed up after my herding practice at High River (which, by the way, was terrific) as a clown and a jester with treats for both dogs and humans. We spent the day visiting with friends and cheering Denise and Russell on. Russell brought the house down when we were talking about finding a vendor's so we could buy some cheer after the trial was over. Russell piped out, "I have 3/4 of a bottle of rum..." and then continued after seeing everyone look over at him, "for baking purposes, of course."
We stayed at the Port of Call Inn and it was fabulous. What a treat! Had supper at Red Lobster and then dipped into the 'baking rum' for an hour or so. What a terrific time!
Best of all, we got to stop for another herding lesson at Louanne's on the way home and Token was amazing. Louanne says that Token is a "field" dog, not just an arena dog, which I take as a great compliment. If only she could stay at Louanne's for a week or so, she would really come ahead quickly.
Next weekend, Shar and I head for Red Deer with Ryder, Mo, (one of Token's pups) and Gracie, Mary Ellen's shorthair. Shar has Ryder double-entered for RAE points, Jodi and Russ have Mo entered in his first ever conformation show handled by me, and Mary Ellen has Grace entered in Rally Excellent with me showing her on Friday and Mary Ellen taking over on Sat.Sun. Wish us luck.