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The Gang
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi, Everybody,
 Just have to share the news that our club, SAWHDA, now has enough new rubber matting to fully mat our Cowley Hall faciity. So now, andy CKC  club that wants to host Rally O can use our club facility to do it! We have a fabulous hall and lots of parking.  Watch for seminars in our area in the near future.  Remember to renew your memberships by sending $20 to Box 965, Blairmore, Alberta TOK OEO. 
 Our Karelian Beardog Team will be hosting a Cougar Awareness day int he near future where people will be given a chance to hear what they should do if they encounter one of these big cats and also to find out whether or not their dog would protect them in the face of such and encounter. Cost and dates to follow soon.  Good luck and a safe trip to those of you entered in the Calgary Dog Show this weekend.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the road again

What is this? The forecast is screaming for snow for the next four days. Must be my fault. I am heading for Calgary for the Sportsman Show as part of the Alberta Karelian Beardog Team and will help man the Bearsmart/Beardog booths with John and Kirk. Was looking through old training videos of the dogs when they first arrived in Alberta and it was interesting to say the least. How far they've come!
Given the proper funding, they could really make a difference in the way wildlife is managed here in the province. I'd like to see a proactive approach as right now, it seems that the only thing we've done proactively is the train the Rocky Mt. Bighorns to stay away from the road in the stretch of Highway between Frank and Coleman. What we can do is way more!!
The kennel is full this weekend and Deb will be run off her feet keeping all the boarding dogs plus our 8 dogs busy, busy. Two dogs are in season so that adds to the mix. Token is babysitting KohlB, an Aussie, and they are getting along pretty well. They absolutely shredded their cardboard outdoor sleeping mats yesterday ! Filled the black garbage back with the ruins! Thank gosh Chris came by and ran the two of them in the upper pasture for 1/2 hour. What a couple of monsters.
Classes in Fort Macleod are going very well. What a super crew! Tonight we'll play some games and start rally O with them. They already have started heeling and they know how to sit and lie down, so it's perfect!!
I'm doing this from work so I will sign off for now and talk later. Get out the shovels. Yecht!