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The Gang
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Old Dogs

I just looked around our kennel yard and discovered that my dogs are getting old.  And that there is nothing quite like an old dog.  They have different rules...... the usual rules simply don't apply.

Like the recall, for instance.  Needs modification if Token doesn't hear.  And so off I go in my slippers and housecoat doing the "can you see me dance" in hopes that she will actually notice my arrival and join me.

And the schedule of in and out.... that changes.  Mesa dictates that immediately upon arriving in the house and doing a quick check of cat bowls and a search for rawhide parts, that she should be let out to lie in the cool grassy shade of the kennel, leaving everyone in the house on RED alert should a car turn into the drive way, where upon the race to catch Mesa before she rushes down the drive to greet the vehicle ensues.

Ownership of 'things' increases its bubble of propriety and the young dogs now stay 10 feet away from anything on the floor in front of old dogs, whether they own it or not.  Lip lifting is key to ownership.  No need to growl or get closer to object.  Just lift lip.   They know.

And the walks are different, too.  Rather than have "the girls" follow along in tow, we now make the pasture the most interesting place for walks, with 'stuff' dropped around so that it's more of a search than just a walk.   And sometimes it's a race to see who can find what in the least amount of time.
Doesn't matter.  There's always enough for two.... or three.

I thought of my friends and we each have at least one old dog.  Just got an email from LouAnne and a great picture of Never, her corgi, who has taken over the supervision of the greenhouse.  A new job for an old dog.

Time for more pics.....
Send us one of your old dog.

The Prez 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Whoa!  Congratulations to Carol and Emily on their first leg towards the RAE title with an 89/100 in Advanced and a 98/100 in Excellent!  Not bad for someone who was "tagging along"...
 Joan and Zsuree not only Q'ed with High in Class Advanced A, but gained her RA title as well.  One of Zsuree's pups, Gemma, whom we met in Red Deer at the nosework test, earned a HIC Rally Novice A and her RN title. Very cool.
 And.... Maureen and Levi took the Rally Advanced B class with that ever exciting perfect score !!!!!!  Yayyyyy!
Best of luck today to everyone. 

While the ladies were struttin' their stuff at NACA, we in the South were enjoying the perfect day with friends and dogs doing scent hurdle, obedience, and rally in the sunshine.  It was a relaxing day and all the dogs provided us with some good performances.  We must do this again!
 Amanda took the best pictures to record the day! Thank you so much, and thanks to everyone for making the trip to Shadowbar! 
Thanks, Mother Nature, too.

Good luck to everyone at the Lethbridge show in Coaldale next weekend! Remember to pitch in where you can as the club is small but mighty and appreciates help.

The Prez