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The Gang
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Title from the USA Performance Ring

Mary Ellen & Tess with Judge Chris Cornell
High in Class to gain her Rally Advanced Title


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Club Days for October

Every Sunday in October is now booked for Club Days. 

* We begin every club day at 9:30 with obedience routines for those who are getting ready for shows.  (judge on hand). 

*Obedience drills for those who are working certain exercises in obedience amid distractions. (pups doing their practice next to you) 

*Scent hurdle / Rally course available for set up to use while scent and other club routines are in progress)

*Club routines........relay sprints, barrels, square dance, Old-style flyball .... the one where the dog actually has to catch the ball....

We need judges and rally course setters for those days so please let us know if you can help out.

We are lucky in that we can leave our mats down until Tuesday night.  Yay!!!

Hope you can make it.

Reminder to square dancers that we are going to Fort Macleod on the 15th of October.

Ryder and Mojo .... 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Need your input

Well, as Fall rolls around again, it is time for us to consider what kind of seminars we want to bring in this year for SAWHDA members.
Please let your executive know your thoughts on the following:

1. A particular activity about which you would enjoy learning more.

While we were in Kalispell, I had occasion to meet the head of the Bloodhound Tracking Training program in the USA, Kevin Kocher. He is willing to travel to Alberta to teach a two day seminar (full of activity, trust me) on tracking/trailing/search methods.

2. A particular topic of interest which you feel would be good to share.

Cathy from Fernie would like us to host another Wellness Day like the one we did years ago that had
vets, raw food diet advocates, Light Force Energy info, First Aid for dogs, sport dog warm-ups, etc. plus some people wellness activities as well.

3. Fun day activities you would like to share.

Deb G. from Cranbrook offered the following idea for a Fun Day Obedience exercise.
Teams of two with each member offering to do half of the exercises in any obedience routine; based on
how well their dog was doing on that exercise that week.
For example, if  my dog was smoking hot on the recall exercise, I could put myself down to do that one.
Maybe my partner's dog was absolutely steady on its long sit.  He does that.
My dog might be better heeling on lead than off, so I choose that.  Etc.
The judge judges the exercise and awards prizes to the best team.

A variance on this activity could be that each member of the team picks an exercise out of a hat and
that is the exercise he does; for better or for worse.

4.  A new sport or activity you would like to see our club undertake.

K-9 scent is a new sport (from the USA) where dogs use their wonderful noses to locate
hidden objects that have been scented with a particular odor. The sport has various levels of
competition starting with very simple scenting and moving to large areas.  It is very new to Canada and is now being offered in BC.  We could be a first to get this up and running in Alberta.

Treibball is a sport where dogs learn to herd exercise balls into a net.  Great for the ball driven dog and easy to teach with a clicker. Again, new to Canada.  Why shouldn't we be the first to offer it?

Let us know what your ideas are so we can start planning NOW!

The Prez

Fernie Paws for a Cause Day

Our demo with Denise, Jenn, and Kaylie went great yesterday at Fernie.  The events ran smoothly and we were so fast changing equipment from one
event to the next that Jack, Denise's husband, couldn't believe it.  He is used to having two other people to help and he had five more!!
Personal bests:   Hobie, at seven months,  not only paid attention and refrained from rushing over to meet people and dogs, he stayed in his lane for the relay sprints and
in barrels, could be sent from the second barrel to the last barrel with a command!!!! 
  Drummer was spot on and hot to trot in the scent hurdle and actually did almost all the agility equipment!  He even allowed me to do a rear cross without a hitch.
Ryder loved the relay sprints and he galloped over the jumps and had a great time, but his best thing was his agility as he ran the entire course minus the weaves beautifully.
       Jagged was amazing in the agility and was right there in scent as well.

Payback was in store for Drummer, too. Some of you will recall that when he was new at scent hurdle, he chased a Doberman back over its jumps, overtook it and blasted it and the jump right into the crowd????  Ah ha.  Well, imagine Drummer's thoughts when Jagged thought I had her toy and tore over to Drummer and me as he rounded the sprint cone and came face to face, up close and personal, with Jagged.  Too funny. 
Booths on Avalanche  rescue, Bearsmart, a bakery, raw food,, jewellery, and our club booth were available for people to browse.  I would say about 30 dogs were there with their owners.  Cathy talked about puppy manners, a vet from Eureka (who comes up to Fernie) talked about first aid for dogs.  They had a "dog show" where people got to showcase their pets and tricks. 

We were able to visit with friends we haven't seen for some time and it was such fun listening to Cathy tell stories about her llama, which Denise has named Osama Bin LLama because of his
behaviors.   If Cathy ever writes her book of short stories about him, we will all want a copy.  I think she should do a stand up comic routine in Vegas!!!

It was an amazing day and all that was missing was the cart dog. That would have topped the day off nicely.  

Laurie & Trevor took some video footage which we hope to have shortly.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Falls pics

Thanks to Carol for some pics of our gang at the Great Falls show..
Maureen & Levi getting ready...

In action

Tubby on the Highest Scoring Canadian run.

Agility pics

Thanks to Joan for some really nice pics of her Belgian shepherd, Bo, in agility.  Pretty close to the end of the season for the outdoor stuff.  Boo hoo.  Almost time to tuck away the tunnels.

Remember that we have our hall rented for October 2nd, 9th, 23rd, and 30th for obedience, rally O, scent hurdle, and sprints and barrels.  October 15th we travel to Fort Macleod for our Square dance, barrel race and relay sprints.  We need to be at the Pioneer Lodge by 1:00 if we are to set up and be ready to perform by 1:30 p.m.
Lore, LouAnn, Deb, Sharlet, Maureen, Carol, Joan, Shirley and Barb will be on hand and we will perform two dances.  I will be your caller as Tubby has other commitments.  We will wear our SAWHDA vests, white shirts, and blue jeans. I'll try to remember to bring the beautiful scarves for the dogs, and the music, and the pilons, and the mats, and the jumps, and maybe even a dog!  We need some really good pics of the dogs performing, too.
Keep up the good work.  May the force be with you.
The Prez

Trudy & Dave Vickland Sheep Clinic

This weekend was the Vickland Sheepherding Clinic at High River and several of our members entered their dogs.
Joan took her young female Belgian shepherd and had this to say about her experience yesterday:

"Had a wonderful day at the herding clinic with Trudy Viklund. Ran Zsuree for both morning and afternoon runs and she has so much talent :) She held her waits and after blowing off a little steam in the beginning, found her balance and worked them calmly and her body language is so easy to read when she finds her balance and turns them in to me! Wonderful day, wonderful hosts, wonderful instructors."

Donna McLaughlin was there for the entire weekend and had a blast.  Her comments........

Home from a great weekend at the Viklund herding clinic. Billie and Jerry are the most amazing hosts! I got as much from watch other sessions as I did from my own sessions. Particularly enjoyed watching Solo who is becoming an incredible herding dog and Quazi who appears to be following in Solo's paw prints. Poodles really are herding dogs!"

 and  more from Carol and Maureen on their adventure south to the US shows.
Carol:   "Such an awesome weekend at a dog show in Great Falls, Montana. Hank, Emily and Maureen's Levi got their Rally Novice title with 1st - 4th placements each trial. Hank got his 1st obed leg with a 2nd place (196/200)."
Maureen: Jeez and you should have seen what the van looked like after all the grocery shopping and all these prizes!!!
Carol:  Thanks everyone. Now on to fixing Hank's 1 minute sit so he doesn't lay down at 36-55 second mark...:( Gotta be ready to try again for his last 2 legs of American CD next year.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great Results...Go Canucks!!!

Kerri Miller had this to say about TubbY's trip to Great Falls!!
HOORAY!!! Dad's trip to the Great Falls dog show was well worth it! Cagney finished her CD title yesterday, also achieving the Highest Scoring Canadian.. today, the bonus leg.. Highest Scoring Canadian, Highest Scoring Working dog.. AND.... HIGH IN TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Dad and Cagney!!!!

More news from
Carol Solkshinitz
Such an awesome weekend at a dog show in Great Falls, Montana. Hank, Emily and Maureen's Levi got their Rally Novice title with 1st - 4th placements each trial. Hank got his 1st obed leg with a 2nd place (196/200).

Congratulations all of you!!