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The Gang
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Great Falls Dog show results.

           Judi, Joan, and Tubby after the Novice B Rally Class August 30th with judge Betty Winthers. We are missing Carol and Maureen in this shot.
On August 30 and 31st, Joan, Tubby, Carol, Maureen, Darryl and I travelled to Great Falls, Montana, entered in their 2014 Rally and Obedience trials.
                       What a weekend!!! 
I hope I get this right.  Everyone won so many classes, our heads were spinning!

A High in Class obedience run with Neo, which gave him his new American CD!

A High in Trial obedience run with Hank, which gave him his new American CD.

Three Q's in Rally Novice B for Cagney, to give her an American RN title.

An American Rally Excellent title and High in Class for Emily in spite of a pretty nasty bang on her knee going over the jump.

Four High in Novice B Rally scores (two of them Perfect Scores) with Castle which gained him his American RN title and ended up being good enough to win the High Rally Aggregate and $80 U.S. with 398/400.

Four Q's in Novice B rally, one of them a  perfect score for Drummer which gave him his American RN title with a combined score of 395/400.

Three Q's with both Dani and Szuree, one of them a perfect score, to give them both their American RN titles after which they both qualified in the Advanced Rally class to gain a leg each towards the Advanced title.

High in Class awards for Levi to gain her American Rally Excellent title and then two Pairs towards her American RAE which gave her the High Combined Rally Award.  

We thank the Great Falls Dog Training Club for their hard work in putting on this very successful trial. Your extra touch in providing dog toys for 1-4 placing dogs, your silent auction, and your raffle gifts gave everyone so much enjoyment.

Maureen came away with three prizes from the raffle and I was lucky enough to pick up a shepherd size Guardian soft crate for $40.00.
Everyone came home safe and sound despite the horrific winds all the way from Great Falls to Calgary.

Darryl & I  stayed in our Open Range trailer right  at the Expo Park and were lucky to be on the asphalt for full hook-ups and a very quiet area, thanks to Ron Green, the president of the Air Stream Trailer group who adopted us and gave us a spot next to their function.   

The venue was spacious and very quiet. Rows of chairs were set out for spectators and the show ran absolutely flawlessly, thanks to a dedicated crew of volunteers.

Castlegar and Cranbrook Scent Hurdle results

Due South members,
   Here is an update on your dog's points based on the August races in BC.

Julie    470 pts.  Needs 30 more to gain her SHDM title.
Betty   555 pts.  Now can apply for her SHDM title.
Castle 160 pts.  Now can apply for his SHDX title.
Sporty 255 pts. Now can apply for his SHDCh. title
Drum   910 pts. Needs 70 more to gain his SHDMX title.
Max     240 pts.  Needs 10 more to gain his SHDCh. title
Kona   605 pts.  Now can apply for her SHDM title
Jagged 540 pts. Now can apply for her SHDM title.

Congratulations, everybody.  Unless I hear differently, our next race should be at Lethbridge in November. By then we will have the Cowley Hall in place for indoor practice. 

By the way, our Cranbrook blended team managed a 39.78 second run.
And we came in FIRST!  My goodness,  first!!! We almost fell over.
What a rush!