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The Gang
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year

The Southern Alberta Working/Herding Association is reminding members that a new year has begun and memberships for 2009 are now due.

This year we have been really active in obedience and rally 0 obedience with many new titles both sides of the border. Agility continues to be a going concern as well. The thing that has really taken off, especially with the corgi people is herding. More and more venues and available instructors are popping up and this year we already have the opportunity to trial here in Alberta. Lou and Lore are heading to High River area in February to get some practice and instruction with Louann Twa and then they are off to the coast in May to do the Lynn Leach clinics. Amanda and Sarah are also mega-active in this area.

This club's motto is that everyone plays and we try hard to make this happen. We invite new members and have people knowledgeable in most dog sports available to help. We work out of the Cowley Hall in Cowley, AB in the very south of our province. We invite you to come out on a Sunday and have a boo at what we do.

Judith Snowdon/ President

Saturday, January 24, 2009


In the "good old days" we had a club website. It was rarely updated- who has that much time anymore??? And the members lost interest. And then I thought- what about a blog?
How simple is this? It takes a few minutes to set up, you can blog from your email, and hey, anyone can do it!!!

This Blog is dedicated to showcase SAWHDA members and their dogs. It will be a place where members can stay current with club activities as well as submit their brags that will get posted right away! The more things that members submit the better!!!

SAWHDA Members do all sorts of stuff around Alberta and Montana- we have members that play agility, obedience, rally, drafting, conformation, tracking!! The list goes on and on. We are a diverse group of people that are all about having fun with our dogs.

This promises to be a fun blog that will help to bring us all a little closer together!
If you are a member and would like to submit your brags, and photos- please, please, please email Amanda- it will be posted that day...or maybe the next!
If you aren't a member and would like more information please contact Judi!