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The Gang
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just In!!!

Just in from the States. Shar and Ryder now have four legs towards their US RAE title with scores in the 90's.
MaryEllen's GSP, Tess, finished her US RN title with three High in Class Awards and then moved up to pick up two legs towards her US Advanced Rally title!! What a week!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cranbrook news & Stateside

SAWHDA members did very well on both sides of the border today. In the States, Mary Ellen finished Tess's RN title with 3 / 3 High in Class scores of 99, 98, & 97! Shar and Ryder picked up another leg on their RAE title.
In Cranbrook Sylvia and Julie picked up two legs of their RN title, and Nancy and Brie cleaned up in the Advanced and Excellent rings with a second place score of 96 in Advanced B in trial one and 84 and second place in Trial 1 in Excellent B. Judi and Drummer placed High in Class in trial one Advanced B with 99 and Judi and Swayze placed High in Class in Trial one Excellent B with a 98.
In trial two it was touch and go in the Advanced B class with both Judi and Drummer and Nancy and Brie looking very good. In the end, due to an over-exuberant leap in the air and contact Mummy from Drummer, Nancy and Brie took the Advanced class with a PERFECT Score of 100 and Judi and Drummer slid into second with a 99! Nancy went on to win the Excellent class with a score of 96. Swayze was not so lucky and did not finish his honor.
Super job, everyone.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stateside News!

Tess, GSP owned and shown by MaryEllen Whyte, gained her first leg of Rally Novice B yesterday with a High in Class score of 98/100. Shar and Ryder qualified in third place in Rally Excellent B yesterday with a score of 95. Keep those scores coming.
The Prez

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More sad news

It is with a sad heart that I report that Lore Bruder's wonderful corgi, Keeper, died last weekend. Keeper was a gentleman of gentlemen. He was always happy and so easy to be with. We are sure that Heaven will rock now that Keeper is re-united with his buddy, Druid. And as for us, we have the memories.

Good luck!!

To everybody going into competition this weekend.... the best of luck, the safest of trips, the best performances, judges that appreciate your dogs and great visits with friends, old and new. Send your results here to post.
MaryEllen and Shar hit the Montana circuit this weekend in Rally and conformation. Denise heads for Kelowna to do some agility competition and I go into the rally ring in Cranbrook. And somewhere in the mix, I need to fix Wicca's oversized jacket (we used duct tape last time, poor thing) before our scent hurdle on July 2nd. So off to clean the van and pack rain gear, wind gear, my favorite chair, three crates.... yes, three. How can I leave Token home? Doesn't happen.
So the 'boys' will have a director. And I'll have my girl with me. Well worth the extra fee for the motel room. Finally starting to feel well enough to actually enjoy training. What a virus! Killer.
Sun's out. Time for fun.
The Prez

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sad times

Ev and Bob Sera's 12 year old, poodle, Rocky, died today. He was a once in a lifetime dog who entertained all of us in the conformation, obedience, rally and agility rings by showing us how to get it done but give a uniqueness to each performance. We'll miss this dog and we are happy to see that his 'kids' live on.
The Prez

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Congratulations, Marilee and Ali on gaining a score of 98 in Rally Advanced A at NACA yesterday.
And to Maureen and Levi with another leg towards their RAE with 96 in Advanced B rally O and 99 in Excellent rally O! Keep it up, you girls.

We had a good practice for square dance yesterday and found out that we may be short one dancer for our upcoming performance at The View in Lethbridge on June 11th. Lore has a new litter of 8 blue corgi pups, Russell may be away and Mary Ellen has her convocation from U of A that day. Help!!

Another reminder that we are meeting at 6:00 on June 7th to perform at Vista Village. Due to the coolness of the weather, we will be performing indoors in the rec room that evening. Please be prepared to take the dogs around for a visit with the residents after the performances.

We should be packing up the equipment by 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday evening club nights will begin at 6:30 at Shadowbar Shepherds, weather permitting.
We have many choices of activities and it would be appreciated if members could email me Mondays with information re: what they would like to do Wednesdays so I can send out the info to everyone on Tuesdays.

We can do a couple of activities per evening. Let's plan for June 15th as our first evening.

The Prez.