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The Gang
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Crestview Visit

The weather was beautiful for our club demos for Crestview Lodge in Pincher Creek.  We were amazed to see Carol and Maureen from Calgary arrive with Emily and Levi ready to join us in our K9 antics. Just getting from Calgary to Pincher Creek required careful planning, but there they were!

Maureen and Levi 

Shirley and Krissy

Marilyn and Mojo

Louann and Brazil 

Lore and Daisy.......Daisy???? Daisy!!!

Lore and Daisy 

Sharlet and Castle 

Judi and Kipper 

Trevor and Pippa 

Carol and Emily 

Judi and Drummer 

Laurie and Hobie 

Thanks to Crestview Lodge for inviting us and we hope you enjoyed our performance. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Crestview Lodge Performance this Saturday

Hi, gang,

  Just a reminder that our Due South performance for Crestview Lodge is set to kick off this Saturday
at 11:00 a.m.
  We will meet at the Lodge in Pincher Creek at 10:30 for set-up.  Trevor and Laurie will pick up equipment at Shadowbar at 10:00 a.m.
 After the performance we are invited to Louann and Mike's place and if we wish to bring swim suits, we can relax in their brandie new hot tub!!!  

 I have emailed our program and course designs to each of you.  Should be loads of fun for us and the residents.

 By the by, our Due South Scent Hurdle Team with new members, Laura and Max and Sylvia and Julie tied for first place at the Lethbridge Dog Show in Coaldale.  Jagged and Drummer filled out the team.   Kudos to the Lethbridge Club for providing the perfect venue for obedience, rally obedience, and scent hurdle racing.  Thanks to all team members from Calgary and Lethbridge for staying to play and to work at timing and box loading and box judging as well as set-up and clean-up.  They were amazing.  To Sarah Jane, thank you, thank you for judging.  What fun!!!
 To Jack, thank you for videoing our wonderful team.... 

The link to our action is  

See you all Saturday.

The Prez 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pippa on the Run

Trevor and Pippa did a good job of running the obstacle course on Club Night.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Worth the Trip

On Sunday morning at 3:30 or so, our faithful APDT crew from SE BC left for Sit Happens! in Calgary to trial their dogs in APDT Rally Obedience.  The results from Sylvia and Julie's appearance seems to merit the effort.

Out of a possible 210, their scores were 203, 205, 207, and 208! OMG!  

Sylvia and Julie 

Aysha and Kaya, her Bernese Mt. dog had the following scores. 
Trial 1
L1A  186 (NQ over time)
Trial 2
L1A  187
Dee and her Labrador retriever, Java received their Level One Title! 

Chantal and Obi gained valuable experience about APDT trialing. 

Denise and Jagged were a superb team as usual:

Trial 1 
L1   207/210
L2  204/210
L3  209/210

Trial 2 
L1  198/210    Handler error........... grrrrrrr.
L2  207/210
L3  207/210

What a great trip for everyone.  Denise, as the coach and trainer for these ladies, you
are amazing!  Good job, all of you.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another pair of Q's in Rally

Congratulations are in order for Maureen and WillowGlyn Levi Blue Jean, for adding another
double Q in the Rally Advanced and Excellent rings in their quest for the RAE title.  They scored 97/100 in Rally Advanced and 93/100 in the Excellent ring.  Good on ya!!!

Also picking up Double Q's were Laura and Max with scores of 100 in Advanced B and 99 in Excellent B on Saturday and 99 in Advanced B and 90 in Excellent B on Sunday.  Way to be !

The Prez