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The Gang
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tractor square-dancing

And we thought dogs square dancing was tough!!!! Hah!



Shadowbar Shepherds
"May a good shepherd watch over you."

Day in the Park

We had a great Day in the Park yesterday! Thank you, Amanda, for all the organizing. It was a beautiful day for doggie stuff and the huge trees at Henderson Lake Park provided all the shade anyone needed. Wonderful to see so many dogs and all of them getting along so well. Hunter and Shaggy were a bit overwhelmed, and Token was distracted but they all did a good job. Bess was wild as usual and had a good time. Shar practiced brace with Ryder and Mesa and Deb worked some with Walker and Fire. Connie was new to the action and enjoyed the day. Michelle brought Davon pup and he and Hunter had a gay time. Kim was there with Maggie and Bosley and showed us all how obedience should look like. It was great to see Donnie again, and Molly, for sure. Zydaco and Betsy are the tall and short of it. Amanda's Pixel and Boone were super and Boone has the best backup I have ever seen. He doesn't look for a target behind him. He just scoots backwards. Click treat. Shaggy Muffin Stacked

It is great to hear that Michelle Simpson is home from the hospital and feeling much better, and that Hank Hargreaves is back on his feet and doing well. Lee has a new toy!!! She has an electric wheelchair and is practicing how NOT to do wheelies! She has done a great job of training Bess to fetch the dumbell, too. We'll be on to Open before we know it.

After the park, we headed back to Chris and Connie's where all the dogs went for a swim.... thanks, Chris, for the kayak calls that got Shaggy, Fire and Walker excited about the water, and for the wonderful supper. It's our turn.

Keep up the good work everyone. You will have nothing short of success this summer.


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Sharlet and MaryEllen have returned from the Great Falls, Missoula, Montana shows with all kinds of loot! Shar's dog, Ryder, gained two titles!! He came home with his American CD and AKC Advanced Rally titles. MaryEllen's shorthair, Gracie, finished her Advanced Rally title with 99/100 High in Class. Congratulations to both ladies.
Judi has been taking herding lessons in High River with Token and Mesa and is thrilled with the progress after just four lessons.
Louann has Never joining the crew as well. Lore has been at it seriously for some time now and will more than likely be far ahead of the rest of us when we get to the July RCC trials. We are on 'hold' right now as our instructor is gone off competing with her own dogs. Unless we can find some sheep time in the next week, we may lose the gains we made last week.
Lee has been working hard with Bess so that I can show her at AKC. If she keeps going the way she is, I could be in Open before I know it. As soon as Bess finishes her Rally Excellent title, Lee will take over the rally competitions and I will stick with Obedience.
Time for Shaggy Muffin (yes, it's a German shepherd) to get off the porch and into the ring as well, so I will need some refresher runs in the conformation ring to see if she will even stack. Thankfully, there is a Pups in the Park Fun Day tomorrow at Henderson Lake. We must go. Hope to see many of you there. My young dogs really need to meet and greet some dog people.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lesson on Monday!

I am soooo excited. On Monday, Token, Mesa and I head for High River for our herding lessons! I have waited so long for this. As usual, I have done everything backwards and have taken the chance (Gwen says I'll do fine) and entered both dogs in the herding trials in July at Okotoks. Yikes! Better get with the program and begin training. And why not just enter Token in Open obedience this summer as well? Oh, heck, why not Hunter? He needs some training and really should get off the farm now that the bionic boy is back on his feet once more; for how long we do not know. And what about Token's RE title? Should finish that off, too. And so, now that we have entered, why not go a step further and actually train the dog? Thank gosh for talented dogs to begin with. Oh, my! I forgot about BESS! We need to finish Bess's CD and her Rally Excellent and go on with some Open, methinks. Good thing I found my brain at that point and decided to forgo the trip to Great Falls and Missoula to do obedience and rally there. Maybe I'll actually have some money left to fill the diesel!!!
So out comes the logbook and the daily progress reports (or not) will be entered faithfully as I move along the road to competition.
Wish me luck.