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The Gang
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Practice times

We are practicing obedience and square dancing tonight, Tuesday, March 17th, St. Patrick's day, at the Cowley Hall. 
We also have the hall rented for Sunday, March 29th, for Rally O and obedience practice from 9:30 until 1:00 p.m. 
Drop in fees are $5.00 per dog.

Do not forget the Perfect Pooches Fun Match this Sunday with Rally O going at 1:00 p.m. and obedience following.
Perfect Pooches is located at Coalhurst.  Turn right instead of left at the Coalhurst/Highway 3 intersection.  You will be travelling east on a gravel road. Take another right and yet another right and you will be at Perfect Pooches!!!  All dogs are welcome and it is great fun!

We are going to be part of the entertainment for Calgary's Pet Expo on April 18th and 19th!  Our demo?  Square dancing!

Can't wait!!!


New titles

What an awesome weekend our SAWHDA APDT Rally group had!  Russell, Shirley, Barb and Denise ventured to Sit Happens in Calgary for the spring APDT trial. Everyone had a great time and couldn't say enough about how wonderfully they were all treated by the staff of Sit Happens and the very supportive judges, Tammy Brooks, Lisa Wright, and Sarah-Jane Petti. Russell and Mojo got their first qualifying score and a fourth placement. Shirley and Krissy finished their Level 1 Titles and got a third placement and the High-Scoring Mixed Breed Award!  Barb and Kipper did a good job of working at the Level 2 course but that qualifying ribbon evaded them this time around.  But the big news came from Denise McKay, Viper and Jagged, her wonderful Dobermans.
On Saturday, Jagged competed in Level 1 B for titled dogs, in 3 rounds and earned scores of 205, 206, and then a perfect 210 to gain High in Trial!  Viper also did three rounds with scores of 198, 206, and 209. On Sunday, Jagged competed in 3 rounds of Level 2A for untitled dogs to earn scores of 209, 209, and 207 to gain her Level 2 title and another High in Trial for Level 2A!! As if this weren't enough, Viper did 3 rounds of Level 2B with scores of 203, 208, and a perfect score of 210 to earn High in Trial in Level 2B.
Viper then competed in 1 round of Level 3A to earn his first Level 3 leg with a score of 204 which was High in Trial for Level 3. There were no other qualifiers in Level 3 due to course difficulty so Denise was very proud of Viper, and especially thrilled to be able to compete with him after 7 months of rehabilitation from a herniated disc and "Gold Bead Surgery" in September of 08. 
Jagged also won a special award for "High Speed Duo" for the fastest time posted from all the runs of the entire weekend. Her closest competitor?  Viper, with 1.2 seconds more time on the same course. 
We are so proud of all of you!!!!!
SAWHDA members 

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am absolutely beat. This weekend, Shar, Lee, Hank & I headed for the Big Four Building to try to gain titles for our dogs in novice obedience.  What a great time!
Saturday morning, Bess got her first leg towards her CD degree with a score over 190 and High in Class!  In the afternoon, Ryder got his CD with a High in Class and a score over 190!  RoZe finished her CD requirements with her usual 186 score which is wonderful for RoZe.   Bess would have had High Score in Class had she managed to hang in there for sits and downs with Lee at the helm. And we were in tough company against Kathy Stoner and her labrador. Not to be, however. She had to visit the dog next door, Ryder.  But that's okay. Sunday morning, I concentrated on showing just Bess and we got another leg towards our CD degree again with a score over 190! One to go!  

Today was the pits! I took the day off work to work on books and  spent the entire day doing flood control. God, my arms and wrists and back are finished. I cannot wield an ice pick ever again!  I don't know how I will stay awake until 11;00 to let the dogs in their kennel runs for the night. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh, our club got an invite to Pet Expo in Calgary in April. Free booth in exchange for two demos a day. Can anybody take this on? We could most likely
pay for a room at the Days Inn close to the grounds.  Please let me know asap if you can help us out. It would be great for the club.