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The Gang
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Arrival at Shadowbar

We landed back in Canada Wednesday and found that our new puppy was able to come home with us! So we headed for
Lethbridge to Connemara Shetland Sheepdogs where Andrea met us and presented us with Drummer! We scooped him up, put on his collar, shoved him into his newly purchased soft-side crate and headed west. No noise, no complaining, no weird looks. Darryl kept the top of the crate open so he could put his hand down to pat Drummer and on we went. We stopped in Lundbreck and washed the van and still no weird looks. I covered the crate and kept the radio on to keep the washer noise to a minimum, but Drummer was basically unconcerned.
Once home, he went into the gravel dog run and had a pee and then into the house where he had his supper and then terrorized Shar, Deb and Tom Thumb, who instantly sent a brain wave to me saying, "Send it back now!!!!" Too bad, Tom. Mesa and Token thought the little guy was a blast. The cat sided with Tom but has since changed its mind. Kind of likes the new toy.
The first night, Drummer slept in his crate until 3:30 a.m. and then I took him out to the dog run to do his thing. He had a pee and then slept in his crate again with no whining until 6:00 a.m.
House breaking is touch and go with Darryl losing ground and me gaining it. Timing is of the essence. In one day, Drummer has learned that it is great to chase anyone with feet and grab their toes. Tug is the best game..... thank you, Amanda and Andrea, and a leash is good because it means we are going out for more sport. He has met all the dogs and RoZe is absolutely intrigued with him. Who wouldn't be? Anyone out there ever see such a cool puppy? He has simply moved in. And that's the way it should be.
Last night Drummer slept all night and I woke him up at 5:30 when I got up to start my rounds. He was happy to come out to the kennel and watch the other dogs do their stuff while he spun around and raced back and forth on the exercise pad outside trying to see everything at once. What a great pup. He came from a super home to a super home. Oops! Must run. The little terror is back in gear again. Wait a minute! That's Darryl's job. Heh, heh.